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Daljeet Singh

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I quickly scanned through it... it looks good overall..But i would like comment on internal threats- Sant/baba's dera part

If it wasn't for the dera's (Nirmaley, Damdami Taksal, Nihang, Sevapanthis, udasi dera's) sikhi wouldn't have exist.

We all know how fake sant/baba's dera are grossly interpertated as an " good dera of sant/baba's" so one need to use better usage of words otherwise days are not far where every youths start hating every sant/mahapursh/gurmukhs who have done soo much for the kaum. Alas, rise of "Malech Khalsa".

No Offense just an advise

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Daljeet Singh,

I agree that there were numerous attacks on Sikhism from enemies but most of your work is one sided. You have portrayed Hindus as "evil" ignoring the fact that most of the Hindus and extremist Hindus are two different types of Hindus.

Also, I see that your document contains errors too. Mohandas K. Gandhi comes from Vaisya caste of Hindus not from Brahmins.


Do you know the major problem within Sikhs? We call it “Religious Fanaticism†which is bringing all the conflicts within Sikhs.

You might want to visit http://www.gurbani.org/menunew1.html and scroll down then read on religious fanaticism.

It will give you the right picture of Sikhs situation and why we are having lots of conflicts and disunity within Sikhs. Why there is threat to Sikhism and western Sikhs see it more than Indian Sikhs.

Take Care

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