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[shadow=red:bd3a87c25e]**LeechGet 2004**[/shadow:bd3a87c25e]

LeechGet is a download manager, that uses a very nice, modern, Microsoft Outlook-like user interface and seamlessly integrates into Internet Explorer, allowing you to easily start and manage your downloads. It also includes a full-featured FTP client to download, delete and manage files on FTP servers In addition, LeechGet provides many features, such a automatic downloading, resume of broken downloads, download timer, automatic hang-up and shutdown and more. A built in web parser even lets you download complete website with all images and scripts in no time. LeechGet also provides a history of your downloaded files, sorted by day, week and month. Additional features include a file drop icon, bookmarks and much more.


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Download2Home is a unique client application that works in conjunction with a free web service. It lets you download any file directly to your home computer (or wherever the client is installed), from anywhere on the web. For example: If you are at work and want to download a file that you can use on your home machine, you can simply copy the URL, enter it into the web based form at Download2Home.com, and the client on your home computer will immediately download it for you - when you get home, the file(s) will be waiting for you in your local download folder. For security reasons, the transfer is password protected and the client application needs to be running on your local computer. Download2Home also integrates with some popular download managers as well as eDonkey and Overload. You need to create a username/password account from the home page, it does not require your email or personal information. The program is in beta stage, there is room for many additional features, but it works well.



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SpywareBlaster doesn`t scan and clean for so-called spyware, but prevents it from being installed in the first place. It achieves this by disabling the CLSIDs of popular spyware ActiveX controls, and also prevents the installation of any of them via a webpage. This allows you to run Internet Explorer with Active-X enabled, but it will never download or even prompt you for any of the known ActiveX controls. All other Active-X controls or plug-ins will work fine. The SpywareBlaster database contains information on these known spyware Active-X controls and can be updated with the click of a button. The application windows displays a list of all controls that it is able to detect (this is not a list of what was found on your computer). The program cannot detect if you have any of the known objects already installed, but if you do, they will be disabled. The program also allows you to take a snapshot of your computer (certain settings) in its clean state and later revert many changes made by spyware and browser hijackers.


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Bazooka Adware

Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner is a small and fast scanning engine that scans your system for more than 460 known spyware and adware installation. This includes keyloggers, activity monitors, Trojans and more. If any items are found, it provides a link to an online encyclopedia that provides in depth information and links to additional resources. The program does not offer to remove any of the detected components, however it provides removal instructions or links to uninstallers (if available). The program does not provide near as many features as other popular scanners, however it scans fast and provides detailed information that is easy to understand and frequently updated. If you find other spyware scanners too confusing or complicated, try this one.

size :719kb



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Sangat ji, now some Video editing softwares for u.

Chopper XP

Chopper XP is a DVD cutting program, that lets you extract part of a VOB file and save it as a new file. The interface is straight forward and easy to use, just mark the In and Out points and save the section to a Vob file. The program also lets you set any priority of extraction and displays the estimated time left for extraction.



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Video editing tool

Zwei-Stein Video Editor

Zwei-Stein is a non-destructive video editing and compositing system which offers many advanced features unavailable elsewhere. With Zwei-Stein you can edit up to 256 video, audio and still image clips. Cropping, panning and custom effects can be created with the use with automatic key frames. The program also includes video capture.




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CD burner

DeepBurner is a CD/DVD burning software that lets you create Data Cds, Bootable CDs, and Audio CDs as well as data DVDs. In addition, it lets you burn ISO files, create ISO images and includes a tool to create and print CD/DVD labels, and also lets you design an auto start menu to launch documents or programs from the CD. The interface is easy to use and organized in several steps and supports drag and drop of files into the burning queue. DeepBurner supports all certified formats for burning, as well as BurnProof and Overburning technologies (if supported by your drive) and should work with all Works with all IDE (Atapi), SCSI, USB and FireWare CDR/W DVD/RAM drives.


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DivFix (DivixFix) enables you to fix and watch partially downloaded DivX (AVI) movies. It can rebuild or strip the index part of the movie, which is at the end of the file and therefor missing when the file was downloaded incompletely. It also includes basic error detection features. You can chose to create a new (fixed) file, leaving the original one intact. Very fast!


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**JPGVideo **

JPGVideo can create a video (AVI) file from a series of JPG files. These JPG files are usually from a web camera that has been set to take pictures every few seconds. However, any JPG files could be converted into a video file, the only restriction is that they d all have to be the same size.



Just Fantastic

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Firefly Softphone

FireFly is an Internet Phone program, that allows you to talk to friends anywhere in the world, using the Internet and the free Firefly software. The interface is very easy to use, just punch the number of your (Firefly) contact, or select it from the address book. The program also includes a voicemail feature to keep track of calls while you are away or talking to someone else. The program uses your internet connection and voice over IP technology, so there is no charge for these calls. The people you call however need to have the FireFly software installed. We tested the software with an international call (USA to Canada and Australia), and the voice quality was excellent. The program can also make calls to regular landline phones, however this is based on a per minute charges.


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im4cam (formerly "ThruCam") is a Internet video communication software through which you can talk with your friends, customers, children etc. iam4cam supports video, audio, whiteboard, and text chat for up to 10 people at one time and supports many auxiliary functions like remote recording, remote camera control, image processing, midi-playing, file transfer, etc. The program features support for Virtual IP users(via VPass/VPexs system on our own technology) and is able to record Video and Audio streams simultaneously. im4cam provides several view-types, the option to limit maximum concurrent client connections, 10 Video Monitors, Midi Player and more...


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Vallen Jpegger

Vallen JPegger is a handy image viewer program that has been especially designed for browsing through large folders with many images. About 40 different image formats are supported like jpg., .bmp, .pcx, .tif, .png., .gif and many more. Original Explorer context menus provide all necessary file management functions like Copy, Move and Delete. Thumbnails of all images in the current directory are created automatically and full scalable print support including print preview for images and thumbnails is also included as well as a slide show mode. Images can be mirrored, rotated and saved. A built-in sound interface allows one to play back MP3, Midi or Wave-files while viewing. It can be used to assign spoken commentaries or sound impressions to specific folders. Besides viewing images and slide shows, you can also use Jpegger to take quick screenshots of your Windows desktop or applications and find duplicate images. Also includes a full featured MP3 Sound Explorer.


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XNview is a program for viewing and converting your graphics files. It supports more than 200 graphics formats and offers many additional features. You can apply filters and effects to your images, import from a twain source (scanner, camera) or use the thumbnail picture browser to explore your image collection. Xnview s strongest feature is the support for a huge amount of file formats, and the option to convert among them. It also offers many other features, including customizable screen layout, screen capture, slide show and much more. You can also create web pages from your images, create contact sheets, generate file listings and manage your file by move and copy. Xnview is a well established and feature packed imaging tool.



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Core FTP Lite

Core FTP Lite is a full featured FTP client with SSL/TLS support, queuing, sessions, remote file searching, resume of transfers, bandwidth control, recursive deleting and much more. It offers a simple interface, similar to the traditional WS_FTP interface, as well as different view layouts to choose from. A built-in site manager lets you save your favorite sites for quick access and also specify custom connection details for each (passive, keep alive, buffer size etc.). Additional features include browser integration, HTTP/FTP proxy support, Socks 4/5, SSH, SSL,SSH/SFTP support and more. Easy to use interface and fast loading file listings.


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SendTo FTP

SendTo FTP allows you to upload files from the Windows Explorer right-click menu. It allows you to maintain multiple profiles and quickly send a selected file to the remote FTP server without having to launch your FTP program first. It supports passive transfers, firewall settings, configurable ascii and binary settings and more. A very

useful tool for webmasters that want to quickly upload one or more files.


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WebWarper can increase speed of loading Web pages in several times, thus saving your traffic. The idea is server-side compressing HTML using the "GZip-Encoding" standard. The user receives web pages compressed by 2-5x. WebWarper adds a right click option to the IE menu that allows you to load pages throught the WebWarper service, which compresses the page before sending it to you. The software does not modify IE or your system.


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Pop This

Pop This! is a small, effective, and intelligent anti-popup software product that works directly from within Internet Explorer, preventing popups before they are displayed and loaded. The program is easy to use and offers some configuration options from the IE tool menu, including an option to exclude certain domains and prevent sites from resizing your browser window. Simple, but very effective.


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EMS Free Surfer mk II

EMS Free Surfer mk II is a small and well functioning popup stopper with two surfing modes (natural, strict) that offer different levels of pop-up protection. The natural mode will close most common popups and not interfere with your browsing. The strict mode, as the name indicates is rather strict and will close any type of new browser window - it can only be bypassed by pressing a hotkey on the keyboard. Free Surfer offers full IE Integration, allowed sites list with customizable rules, a handy panic button (closes all browser windows with one click), an option to disable Flash and more. An additional snaphot manager feature allows you to save all your open browser windows and restore it later.


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