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"SiKh pHiLoSoPhY iN PrAcTiCe" Coming Soon!


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London Sikhi Week II ... 2nd - 9th March 2005

"Sikh Philosophy in Practice"

A week of talks and events discovering the Sikh's rich heritage, history and philosophy.

Weds 2nd March - LSE - Why I became a Sikh

... A western non-Sikh who discovered the path of Sikhi shares why he choose to become a Sikh and the unique aspects of Sikh philosophy which appealed to him.

Thurs 3rd March - London Met - A Great Journey

... Following on from the first tal k, the speaker will delve into the path of spirituality and Guru Nanak Sahib's universal philosophy, which illustrates the great journey which the soul makes.

Fri 4th March - U.E.L. - The Way of the Warrior

... Philosophy of Mind, Body & Soul and how the Sikh Faith used this knowledge to become fearless Saint-Warriors who defended righteousness against tyranny through Martial Arts. Also there will be a live Gatka (Sikh marital arts) demonstration.

Mon 7th March - UCL - Afghan Sikhs... The Untold Story

... Until recently with emigration of Afghan Sikhs to Brtain, have we discovered that this community have been the inhabitants of Afghanistan for centuries. Sikhs who lived in Afghanistan share their history, real life experiences and the struggles they went through under the Taliban regime. The talk will follow on to examine the impact of 9/11 on the global Sikh community and the implications which followed.

Tues 8th March - Hertfordshire Uni - The Sikhs & Tsunami

... With the recent shocking events in South East Asia, volunteers from United Sikhs share their inspirational stories and work efforts which are being carried out in the Tsunami effected areas and the how Sikh philosophy in practice has given the charity workers strength, determination and inspiration.

Weds 9th March - Kingston - Spirtual Vibes

... Spiritual Vibes is a keertan event with a difference which offers a totally spiritual enlightening experience. Its done on campus to give all students the opportunity to get together and sing the Guru's praises! As well as listening to the words of the Guru, there will also be an opportunity for students to do Keertan themselves and to listen to some inspiring stories told live. Translations in English will be available on a big screen and everyone is welcome.

Note: All talks from 3rd-8th March will be held in the evenings from 6pm-8pm

For further info:



Jasveer Kaur: 07869287604

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