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Six different levels of realm for Human being...!


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1) Paapi Di Gaati(Throne)- This realm is for people who commit sins goes to this realm and get tortured.

2) Punaie Di Gaati(throne)- This realm is for people who commit good deeds goes to this realm but they also get thrown back to the earth once their quota of good deeds are over..then go from there

3.) Pranayam Di Gatti(Throne)- This realm is for yogis also called Bhram Lok.

4.) Bhagata Di Gatti(Thorne)- This realm is in Sachkhand also called "baikhunt" . In Baikhunt everyone meditates sun samadhi (Nirvakalp Samadhi).

5.) Bhramgyaniya di Gatti(Thorne)- This realm is for bhramgyanis called "Sachkhand"- Sachkhand Vasie Nirankar ||. Once jev is merged with Nirankar.

6.) Karaka Di Gatti(Thorne) - Allthough Bhramgyanis and Karaks are same no difference but Vahiguroo Nirgun Parbhram decides when to send karak to this world like for example- Guru Nanak Dev Nirankar came as Jagat Guru/ Jagat Gurudev Baba Nanak in tenth form says:

"Meh hoo param purakh ko dasa, dekhan aeyaa jagat tamasha'"

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fom one of the kathas of giani thakur singh ji , i heard that the karak is the higher stage above the brahmgyan .

but i don't really know wts the difference between between both ? or there isn't any ?

becus when u r one with God in brahmgyan then wt else is left to achieve ? so how can karak be a higher stage ? i don't get it .

or as n3o said they r both the same just different names .

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Difference between Karaks and Bhramgyanis are only thing.

Karaks come back to the world to benefit the world over and over again

But Bhramgyanis don't have to come back (once they are merged) to world since they are not commanded to come back.

Karaks are bhramgyanis

But Bhramgyanis can only be karaks in hakum of Vahiguroo.

At at the end of day they are same . .its just one comes back to the world to benefit human kind and other one doesn't (if hakum is not given).

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is there any use discussing these topics ? man will keep on discussing these things and keep worryinga bout which is the highest stage and reaching the higher stage, but he will never take one step to reach it.

I heard from someone that Guru Tegh Bahadur said that man all his life keeps talking about doing simran and bhakti, but he never does in reality and life comes to end.

is it true?

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