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Any information on 1984

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

This is a request to all of the Sangat that we are making a Documentary movie of the Attack of 1984. We are hoping to have it ready by June 2004 to commemerate the 20th Anniversary.

This is quite a big project to collect all the information as possible. We would like the Sangat's help that if anyone out there has any video/audio clips, news clippings, books, or personal experiences that would help us in this great project PLEASE contact us.

We can only complete this project with the Sangat's help. We do not wish to do injustice to the Shaheeds of 1984 by missing out on important information.

Obviously we cannot fully explain the entire incident and all of the great sacrifices all those Sikhs made, but we wish to do the best we can to honour them.

If anyone has any material or information that would help us then please e-mail us at comments@gurmatstudies.com.

I know that it is a forum rule not to give out e-mail addresses on postings, but I hope the moderators will give us an exception for this one time since it is a valid cause.

Also, since this is a big project for the Panth which will take us upto another year to complete we wish to ask the administrators of this forum if they can make this a Sticky Topic so that new members who might have material may also see this post.

Thank You,

With Satguru Ji's blessings we hope to complete this great seva.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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8) ..nice nice..!! but, aren't they already making a documentary about 1984..something called " hawayeein"--lead actor: babbu mann...is this the same thing..or ?? ..or something new??... :LOL:

Thats a Indian Biased movie on 1984...I wouldnt trust that movie...that movie just shows 0.2% of the stuff

And no worries Gurmukh.. i ll help you out...can you please give us a hint what exactly you looki for.... is it video clips, pictures, news-paper articles???

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We are looking for any video clips or pictures. Also looking to interview people who went through the attack.

We are trying to get a hold of some of the BBC reporters who covered the attack to get their accounts, but have been unsuccessful so far. If anyone can get us the contact numbers of these reporters we would appreciate it.

I heard that there was a demonstration on the anniversary of 1984 in London this year and one of the reporters who covered the story also came and spoke at the demonstration. Maybe if you know the person who organized the demonstration they might have the contact numbers for the reporters.

Any help you can give will be appreciated. We just wish to get as much clips and information possible to make this movie.

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