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Sunn = empty, void, hollow, barren, desolate, deserted.

Sometimes Panjabi people will say that "Ehu ghar sunna piya" (That house is empty, meaning no children/fun, ronak etc.).

You can read up in Gurbani about That Void (Sunn) in Siddha Gosti, the conversation between Satguru Nanak and the Mahasiddha's.

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It depends on what the word is interpreted as. i think Shoonia and Sunn are 2 the same.

Shoonia is (Literal meaning is Zero) being in a Void of Self/Sound.....of being utterly Silent. Shoonia, Nirvana. If Nirankar is Nirvana, then so she is. If she is the sound and yet at the same time Shoonia then so he is. He is best expressed in silence, in Sunn, being empty of words. She is the Sound of all Sounds, he is the Joy of all Joys. He is Shoonia, the voidness of all Voids, she is Empty yet Full of all that he is. He is All, yet he is Not which can be manifested into thought.

btw what does the word Nir-Ankaar mean?? is it without ego or definition.

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Thanks for your reply Pheena.

Nirankar means- Na Roop, Na Rang, Na Rekh (Formeless Lord)

If that is True, then Sunn being emptiness or Zero, would it not be correct to say he is Sunn.

How many Shapes does he have? 0?

How mnay colors does he have? 0?

But then his Creation is filled with Colors and Shapes, he is expressive in his Creation. His creation gives certainty that he IS. Yet his true form is a void of all the colors, all the shapes or is it filled with them all??

Isn't Silence the Source from which all Sound Occur??

Can Thoughts penetrate his true identity or Can only Voidness... Sunn...Shoonia Truely express what and who he is?

Im going off on a limb here, but is Zero and Infinity not the same?

Is the Vastness of Infinity the same Voidness of what Zero, Shoonia Is??

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Sun Samadhi is state I think.

Sun Samadhi could be very well same as Turiya avastha.

Again blindly throwing arrows... one needs to expereince such things. This things can't be described in words very much.

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