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An Act of Kindness....

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got this in my email... 8)


Waheguruji Ka Khalsa, Waheguruji Ki Fateh!

Yesterday, I was at Penn Station waiting for my train and I decided to sit in

the waiting room since their was still half an hour till my train arrived.

When I got to the waiting room it was packed and I walked around looking to find

an empty seat. Then I saw and old man, a sardar, who waved to me. He then got

up and motioned for me to take his seat. I smiled...so touched and happy that

a stranger would offer me his seat. I shook my head and told him to sit and


After a while I realized how happy I was that someone had done something so

considerate for me, I wanted to go back and thank him. When I got back he

wasn't there anymore. Then I saw a little boy with a joora fishing for change in

his pocket. I went over and offered to buy him the icecream he wanted. A minute

later the old man came back and told me that the little boy was his grandson.

He told me that he had recognized that I was a Sikh because of my Kara and

that he wanted his "beti" (me) to sit down instead of him. I thanked him.

One kind act caused a series of reactions in which two strangers came

together to realize one meaning of Khalsa. It was my Kara that created the bond

between this stranger and I. It was a kind act carried out in the name of the


that created a bond between us. One Kind act - sewa - can touch people so

deeply!!! Sewa is not only service but it is kindness from the heart....

Gur Rakha, Karen Kaur

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wow , The Old generation of old baba ji used to be very loving. What i am saying is that in the olden days Bajurg ( old ) men thought of all the kids as their own and called them putter, beta etc.

Now days its a bit different :cry:

i want the old babas back.

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