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NANAK in THE Vedas????

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Perhaps more than any Prophet in history Nanak's coming on Earth was predicted profusely with uncanny accuracy as recorded in some detail below. This has resulted after long and arduous research into the ancient doctrines many dating thousands of years before his actual birth. These are numerically listed below for ease of reference, not necessarily in chronological order. The Vedas and Puranas in which these direct references have been found recorded, are known to be amongst the oldest chronicles in the world. These references are as under:

1. In the Hindu epic the RIG VEDA

(i) In Mandala 7, Ush 5, Mantra 5 and Chapter 6

"Bee chakram prithoi aishai ta khestraaeh Vishnu mansai das sayaan throvaah so asaya keeryo janaas oeroo khashatra so janama chakaar (8)"


"when in the world the sinful ways will be on the rise and noble behavior will vanish, as the disappearance of the moon when on its wane on the darkest night, there will appear Vishnu as a prominent Prophet from the Keshatra Clan and will manifest in consecutive form through 10 Prophets to bring back the ways of virtue to the ailing world."

(ii) In the same Vedas, in another part even in the name NANAK and the clan he belongs to is recorded thus -

"Sri Nanak gureng vareng saklaath heythoo. Heitha samasth jagathaa va veithee kaetheng"


"For the preaching of religious ways and the earning of good karma, there will manifest Guru NANAK from the clan of the Veithees"

(iii) At another position in the same Vedas is entered under Mandala 1 Soothak 5 and in the 7th Mantra thus -

"Eeth eethei Vishnu reinn chakramei threihaa nathathei patham"


"The Prophet in the Kali Yuga will manifest three attributes. As an Avtar propounding Truth, as a Householder establishing family life and at the same time be a Raja Yogi"


As in the RIG VEDA quoted above, in the YUJAR VEDA also the Prophet in the Kali Yuga will manifest three main characteristics thus -

"Vishnu bee chakrageih treithaa neikthei patham samudhseiaa paaeh serei swahaa"


"Vishnu will appear again, manifesting three main characteristics, Avtarhood, Householder family life and be a Rajah Yogi as well"

Although in the above two quotations the name of Nanak does not directly appear, reference to being a householder family man, would point to him because he was among the first few Avtars (prophets) who was married and begetting children.

Incidentally in Hindu mythology, VISHNU is the primordial Godhead Prophet, who incarnates on Earth taking many differing forms and the ensuing names thereto.


"Baavekhath" means "future foretelling". There are numerous places in this famous Hindu epic where the advant of Guru NANAK is directly alluded to. These instances are listed hereunder -


"Theraa bhaareng thereshtwah keli krethem maha krethyaa. Aeveng vaee tharam parchaariang bhavekhthee thaa kalau. Thatha vei loka rakheiaartheng maleishana naas heithwei paschmeitlheng subh theisay vath wensei chei Nanaka naam nach rekhiang brahem geaanaik manas bhavekhet kaloe skunth thatar verth kaleaah har (35)."


"In the Kali Yuga when goodness in the world is deteriorating there will appear a Prophet from the Beithi clan named NANAK who from birth will be endowed with extra-ordinary spiritual power. He will preach on the nobility of life and the eradication of the sinful ways"

(ii) In another portion of this book the following short cogent quotation supplies further pertinent information on the advant of Nanak

"Guru thaa Brahma, Guru raa Vishnu, Guru raa dev maheshra saakhyaar Parbrehem Thasmei NANAK nameh"


"The Guru of the prophets, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv ji is God almighty himself. This very Creator will manifest itself as a human, in the form of one whose name will be NANAK

Note the clarity and explicitness in which the coming of Nanak is predicted.

(iii) Further down in this book is recorded the following detailed assertiveness about Nanak and the type of mission and work he shall perform. It appears to emanate from the Godhead itself.

"The Kali Yuga shall dawn on Earth with radical mainisfestation of destruction of Karma and Dharma to such an extent that every situation shall be colored by sinful activities. At that distressful moment, the Creator shall send down a spiritual liminary in the form of NANAK from the Khatria clan. He will spread the message of NAAM, the Holy life Force, by introducing the primacy of meditation and thus washing clean the sinful ways by the waters of love."

Note the beautiful and comprehensive description of the happening.

(iv) There is yet another quotation from this same Bhavekhath Purana indicative of Nanak and the 9 prophets that consecutively followed his lineage : -

"When in the world there is the deteriorization of noble Dharma, then Vishnu will re-incarnate through 10 Prophethoods and will preach on the universal and omnipotent value of NAAM. (the Holy Life Force)"


"During the reign of the 8 Muslim rulers, Vishnu will incarnate in 10 human forms and after them will appear a (Mona) SILENT Guru (meaning the SGGS, the Sikh Scripture) who will only respond where the response is solicited."

The word SILENT is of great importance - it refers to the "Sikh Scriptural Book" (SGGS). This is the first time in the history of Religion that a Sacred Book was elevated to the status of a Prophet. Unlike a Prophet in body form with the inherent capacity to make utterances, a Book has to be categorized as being basically 'Silent'. This is indeed a startling revelation, pinpointing the coming into the world of a (mona) Silent Guru, thousands of years before the actual occurrence.

The eight Muslim Rulers were 1. - Sultan Lodhi, 2. - Babar, 3. - Humanyuh, 4. - Akbar, 5 - Jehangir, 6 - Shah Jahan, 7 - Aurangzeb, 8 - Bahadur Shah, These precisely were the Rulers in India during the period in which the 10th Sikh Guru came into being. This further emphasizes the authenticity of the revelation and the happening.

5. Through PATANJALI the great Indian (Hindu) Sage

Patanjali, one of the top Indian Yogis of old, came 2180 years before Guru Nanak. In his Ashram while lecturing on the Prophets of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, he singled out Guru Nanak as the one who will be outstanding. When asked what will be his prime mantra, He replied. -

"Wahyanti karyanti jathputi athak etwaha brahamadeya, teisah Gur et WAHEGURU"


"He will use a unique single syllable mantra which has not been utilized before at any Age or Era. This will be WAHEGURU."

Waheguru mantra, which means "Lord of Wonderment" has since been popularised by Guru Nanak and all the nine other Sikh Gurus that followed him.


In the VISHNU PURANA there is recorded an interesting dialogue between VISHNU and a famous Rishi UMBREEK. Vishnu is said to have informed Umbreek that he will once again take birth in the Kali Yuga. The Rishi then enquired when about will that be and what will be your name then? Vishnu replied that this will happen when the Kali Yuga has proceeded for 4500 years and that I will take birth in the Shatri Sooraj Bansi clan, when I will be named, NANAK.

In this same Purana it is further recorded: -

"Sri Nanak santang saageaami

Sri asech, sri asech, sri asech, sri asech"


"Sri NANAK will once again appear in the world in a variety of incarnations; this is for sure, this is for sure, this is for sure."

Computing the date of Guru Nanak's birth from the above mentioned figure that took place when the Kali Yuga had proceeded for 4550 years, reckoning the total durations of Kali Yuga now to be about 5090 old. It is to be noted that this figure of 4550 is pretty close to the 4500 years predicted by VISHNU JI above. Incidentally, the clan in which Guru Nanak was born was also known as a Shatri Sooraj Bansi indicated above.


From the above it is evident that Guru Nanak must have had the largest number of premonitional references to his coming compared to the advent of the other Prophets in all the various Ages and Epochs. Therefore the Prophet Guru Nanak's advent into the world is indeed of millennial significance to even the coming future times.


The word NANAK is a combination of two sanskrit terms. 'Na" and 'Anak'. The meaning attached to these words is "Not-but-One". The message conveyed by the Guru's name and the education imparted by him through the Sacred Scriptual verses, usually commence with the words "Ik Oengkar". This phrase too means Non-but-One. One God only.


There is a very interesting episode in Guru Nanak's illustrious life. When he was still very young, even before his `teens, he took a dip into the river alongside his house for his regular morning ablutions, but this time he dissapeared into the waters, missing for two days and nights. On the third day he re-appeared from out of the water with the following Verse on his lips, which is now called the MOOL MANTRA (the primordal Mantra ), which appers at the commencement of every Chapter and sub-Chapter in the SGGS, the Sacred Scripture of the Sikhs. It is one of the most comprehensive definitions of God and is amongst the most powerful of all the world's Mantras.

This is how the Mool Mantra reads in its original version. -

"Ek Oengkaar Satnaam Karta purekh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Moorat Ajoonee Sai- Bhang Gurparsaath"


"The True One and only Omnipresent Immortal Essence of Reality. The Creator, the Omniscient and Omnipotent, the Incomprehensible (the fearless). Before all Beginnings and after all Endings. Beyond Time, Space and Form (and enmity). Free from the cycle of Births and Deaths, the Self-manifested. The Loving Merciful Enlightener (Realised with His Grace through total Submission to His Will)."

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some of the purnanas mentioned dont even exist. the names are made up. this is just empty proponganda. The site from where you quoted this also contains some foolish articles like Guru Nanak was a hindu bla bla. it is just a hindu propoganda site.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

First of all, I can only concur with other posters that the site you took this information from is very questionable indeed and its bias and motive wholly apparent.

Further let us see what our Guru has to say on the subject of Akaal's incarnation and the perceived wisdom of the Vedas.

"My Master is eternal. He is seen by practising the Word of the Shabad. He

never perishes; He does not come or go in reincarnation. So serve Him,

forever and ever; He is contained in all. Why serve another who is born, and

then dies? Fruitless is the life of those who do not know their Lord and

Master, and who centre their consciousness on others. O Nanak, it cannot be

known, how much punishment the Creator shall inflict on them." || 1 ||

(Page 509)

"Many Shashtras and many Simirtis have I seen and searched them all. Nanak,

they equal not Lord God's invaluable Name." ( Page 265)

It is not my aim to ridicule the scriptures of any faith regardless of my personal opinion of their worth it serves no purpose and consequently does me no good. However when someone else deems it appropriate to misrepresent my faith with the use of bogus references then it is entirely correct that I should question the integrity of the source, below are a few well known examples that question the integrity, translation, interpretation and accuracy of that source.

In Hinduism the NARASINGA PURANA, Page 169 : Abithana Sinthamani, the Vedas and `holy' Puranas claim that the Earth is flat. Today it has been

proven beyond a doubt by the scientists that the Earth is round. Yet their are those who amazingly differ and to prove their point have gone to the expense of setting up a `Jambudvipa Institute' in Gujarat which tries to `prove' the Vedic flat Earth theory !

The VISHNU PURANA says that sun is 800,000 miles and moon is 2,200,000 miles away from the Earth. Astronomy has now proved that the moon is nearer to the Earth, i.e. 240,000 miles and that the sun is 93,000,000 miles away from the


Of course it is the prerogative of the individual as to what one wishes to believe. But the wider and more fundamental question must be why is their such a rabid and concerted effort to claim Sikhi and thus Sikhs under the Hindu banner?

To understand the answer to this question is to understand why this information and these sort's of sites float around on the web misinforming, misleading and confusing.

I am yet to meet a Sikh who feel's that Hindus should regard themselves as Sikhs surely this is two way traffic? If our Gurus were various incarnations of hindu gods then why not follow their teachings and become Sikhs?

If not then why not allow us to follow our faith of choice as you follow yours without the constant push to assimilation. Of course the hindu rashtra that is india cannot allow this, you see whilst we consider ourselves different we are perceived as a threat. It really is that simple just good old fashioned massively destructive FEAR.

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

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wjkk wjkf

it is probaboly sum RSS thing, u cant believe any of it..... They are just tryin to spread there foolish word through methods like this, they say Nanak was a hindoo.....which is not true, Beware of things like this on the net, plz refrain 4rm putting it up on forums etc...

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I believe that its some absurb screwed up person who's given an INTERPRETATION of the Rik Veda and NOT a translation

huge difference ;)

And as Sevak said some of the mentioned puranas dont even exist :shock:

Even if it does..

THe interpretation is screwed! and btw..

Even if it was a translation and is true....I don't believe that theres anything special in a book anyway :shock: why?:

The same RIk vedas claims

"Sabita made this Earth fixed by different devices (like hills and mountains) and sustains sky without pillars so that it does not move" [RIK VEDA]

"The sky is immovable, the Earth is immovable and these mountains are also immovable" [RIK VEDA 10-173-4] etc.


(in the bottom of the page)

Not very scientific huh :?

not a TOO reliable script :?

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Gur Fateh,

On this note, it maybe worthwhile taking up this issue with Yogi Bhajan and 3HO who recite the "Wahe Yantee, Kar Yantee..." Sloka supposedly from Patanjali's Push Puran involving the coming of Guru Nanak and the 3 faculties of VaheGurU as part of their daily Simran (or Sadhana as they would refer to it).

Any thoughts -take a look at their music collection on Sikhnet for further details.


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Ek Oankar Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

In our Adi Guru Darbar too in the part of verses from Bhatts it is written the idea behind it is given below

In preivious Yugas(ages) one who was Baman,Rama and Krishna is (Guru) Nanak(Dev Ji) in Kaliyuga.

This is not the support of RSS but it is rather an invitation to them to join us as a present Avtar of Kaliyuga,The form of Tenth Nanak,Khalsa is there. If hindus have to have safe future they must come to our faith as we at present worship the God,Who they worshipped in past. You(hindus) can be like Ram or Krishna if you be a true Singh.

God bless all.

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I believe this is great vantage point for us. Instead of shunning text or rejecting the text in parnioa/fear/insecurity we can use that as our advantage to convert more hindus into sikhs as most hindus became sikhs than muslims due to similarities of indic spiritual framework theology of eastern dharams.

Edited by N30 S!NGH
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Under British rule, the fusion of India’s myriad philosophies, beliefs, and rituals began to take shape. The British “creation” of Hinduism was an attempt to organize the diverse, indigenous practices, and worship of gods and goddesses throughout India. With the help of Brahmin priests, British scholars interpreted the Vedas from Sanskrit and presented them as the uniform, authoritative texts of Hinduism.

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