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Nihang Documentary- Knight of God is now avail for download


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I know you lot were waiting for the full version of Nihang- Knight of God documentary for a long time now.

well well well your wait is over guys... :LOL::LOL:

Guru Maharaj has blessed us with this seva to host this file for the sangata.

One request before i give out the download url.. due to the bandwidth restrictions.. I be closely watching the bandwidth gauge ...if it goes over certain limit then I will have to disable the download for the whole month so be pateince.

Users who have successfly download this file. If you guys can spread this documentary by burning mass copies in akhara , to your freinds etc etc...!

Anyways enjoy this for now: ...right click on the link and below and save target as:

:) :)

>>>>> http://www.khalis.net/SikhAwareness/Video/...documentary.mpg <<<<<

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u don't need an mpeg splitter... have u heard of bittorrent? it basically lets u share a file so that everyone who's downloading it also shares the parts that they've downloaded with each other... so they need to download less from u.

once i've got the whole file i'll set it up for u if u want.

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Ea games go and make some more games. true nihang hahaha i love it when ppl say that.

anyways That Baba Hari Singh with the mean looks. safe dude. y not just go and hang out with him and listen to jogas voice when he does kirtan. its a killa. I hope all you vegis relise that all nihangs understand the marjada of shaheedi degh and dalai. Can u c all the pendus lining up at shaheed bagh to get some lol. thats wat i like to c.

Anyways u lucky ppl going to check out holla. plz take me with u's.

Badboy Kashmir Singh with the seva of add and dasaam granths.

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Good documentary overall, but some of the translations are horrid.

In addition to the poor translations, twice it was incorrectly mentioned that Guru Gobind Singh Ji was buried in Anandpur Sahib.

Furthermore, I could not see the difference between 'jhaar' gatka and the style Hari Singh was teaching to Joga Singh.

I'm surprised the documentary did not show Santa Singh. Who was the Baba Ji?

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He wasnt denying the fact he was having bhang he was just stating that it was not called bhang but shaheedi degh - And actually he told the reported why the singhs have degh I didnt see him sneaking about. He had a bataa of degh infront of the cameras - would he do this if he was secretive.

As to niaamas question - the Baba Ji was Baba Kirtan Singh Ji Nihang a well known and respected Brahamgiani who was jathedar of the Baba Bakale Tarna Dal, before Baba Makhan Singh.

So far as all the shastar vidiya thing goes - jahar gatka displays are common in nihang singhs in india - jahar gatka is not against sikhi.

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ok... i know it's a bit late now as a lot of u have already downloaded the video, but if u haven't yet got it please download it using bittorrent (& save n30's bandwidth!)

if u haven't got bittorrent client installed, download & install bittornado from this link:


takes less than a minute.

then download and run the following file:

Nihangs - Knight of God

it's also useful if u cannot download the whole file in one go, because with bittorrent u can stop the download & resume it later on.

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Doaba..Respect to akali Hari Singh....

but you guys know...Akali Jageer singh keeps it real,

especially by giving joga to the dal...... sending metab to taksaal and sukha staying at home to work on the farm.

There is one thing everybody should know.

Baba Jageer singhs Family have been following the Nihang and Taksaal Maryada for over 10 generations...

where half the family are nihangs and the other half taksalis..( but not mehta chonkis :) )

just watching the video brings back good memories...

doaba i think my suitcase is big enough...u can definatly try traveling in that. while i relax in first class on uzbekistan airways.lol

to all the people coming to holla mohalla 2005 in anandpur..see u there...I'll be the one with the big smile :D

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yo thats bad boy Baba Kirtan Singh. omg i feel like crying. he was a ck guy man. look ppl there r enough sants go and sit with them cus u will miss out.

Baba Hari Singh is the jathedar of the (horse)dal. Baba Mukhun Singh is the Jethedar of the Dal as in the main one tarana dal. But when ppl say dal they mean the horse lot cus they r the dal that travel around like nomads.

listen up ppl that was shaheedi degh, sukh, bhang whatever u want to call it. damn man did u guys c teh bata it was huge and lucky joga singh drinking it.

i don't understand y fools try. i'm guessing ppl will have a shock when they go to india. they all talk shit but they havn't a clue but just hear from other ppl. look man nihang singhs do the works open and in closet doors. WHATS its to u. they do it simple. live with it. u don't wanna do it ok don't. i don't c them coming to ur house and forcing their views on u.

yo yo jungee me deffo in ur bag and i can't wait to drink degh in front of maharaaj and the dal every amrit vela and then eating dlai after the ardas. i hope they cook some pork. ain't tried it dal style yet.

Badboy Ragi Trilochan Singh with the Sukhmani Sahib da Paath.

Mod's Note: Please don't call other members names. If you must say anything aimed directly ay someone please use PM to do so. Thanks.

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Guys, Thanks for this over-whelming respond here.

I am going to take off this documentary in one about 24 hrs so I can put new amateur video recording of raag basant darbar happened last night for sangat to download.

Hurry to those who haven't downloaded this wicked documentary... !!!!!! :)

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