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Invitation to Nihang Teja Singh thread


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>>> http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?showtopic=10073 <<<

lately this thread is builting momentum... i ask amrit veer ji .. "if" the open debate was to happen...

what kinda questions/issues would be expected from this debate??

Please enlighten the sangat!

Note: This thread will be highly moderated... take all the slandering posts over pm.

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My invitation is very clear in my original post, so I do not think there is any need to explain it more. Once the debate starts, the 'Sangat' will be able to ask any questions related to UK Sanatan Sikh Group's websites. There are many points which will be discussed, for example, the 'Kirpan Da amrit', 'Bhang', 'Nihang' (its origin and history), 'Installation of Sri Sarabloh Granth', 'Jhatka as a religious ritual', 'Mainstream Sikhi v/s Sanatan Sikhi', 'Distributing Amrit separately to Mazahabis', and whatever is there on their websites.

It is obvious that when 'Sangat' will ask their questions, Veer Narsingha Ji (I do not write his real name here, though we all know it) will try to answer them. These answers will lead to a debate. This debate can be in shape of more and more questions. To avoid wasting of precious time of Veer Narsingha Ji, there will be only one person to debate (or to ask further questions), that is I.

It was Veer Narsingha Ji, who once desired to meet me. Now, when he is coming to Indiyeah, I think it is a good opportunity to have 'Darshan' of such a scholar. Gurbani says, "Sant Milai Kichh Suniyai Kaheeyai. Milai Asant, Masht Kar Raheeyai". (When you meet a Saint, talk to him and listen. Meeting with an unsaintly person, just remain silent). (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, page 870). I hope some 'Sainthood' in any of persons belonging to 'UK Sanatan Sikh Group'.

It is possible that Veer Narsingha Ji would want someone to assist him in the debate. In that case, we will be more than happy to have anyone else from 'UK Sanatan Sikh Group' debating against me.

I have read some posts on sikhsangat.com. If something is happening on other website, we should not have bring it here on sikhawareness.com. Otherwise, this can lead to a proxy war.

As far as Pandit Bahadur Singh Ji Nirmala is concerned, he is my brother and I love him indeed. There is a long way to go. When he completes his journey, he will be there, where he will be a part of 'Mainstream Sikhi'. I really want to see him making difference. If someone has the knowledge, he deserves respect. It depends where one can get it.

Veer tSingh Ji says that he is not a part of 'UK Sanatan Sikh Group'. So, obviouly, he is not invited for a debate. Rather, I would like Pandit Bahadur Singh Ji and Veer Tirath Singh Ji to take part as moderators. My another student, who has posted messages on sikhsangat.com, misunderstood. Here, I want to make it clear that 'Mintu' on sikhsangat.com is different to 'Paramjit singh Mintu' on sikhawareness.com . Both are my students. Both have same name. I have another student with name 'Paramjit singh', but he does not use nickname 'Mintu'. This third Paramjit singh also comes online. I do not know if he has told what his real name is. There is my friend, whose name is 'Amrit Pal Singh'. He plays Bhangra etc on stages. He has acted in some movies and dramas. Perhaps, some people think that I am the same person, but it is not the case. (http://www.sasnagarinfo.com/amrit.htm).

However, there is a message for those, who do not beleive UK Sanatan Group's views, but still sit in the company of this group. It is written in the Gurbani: -

Mahlaa 5. Kabeer Chaaval Kaaranai, Tukh Kau Muhali Laaye. Sang Kusangi Baisate, Tab Poochhe Dharam Raaye. 2. (Kabeer, for the sake of the rice, the husks are beaten and threshed. When one sits in the company of evil people, then he will be called to account by the Righteous Judge of Dharma.2) (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, page 965).

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