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clarification of shiv jee status


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singh ji khalsa is not shiv saroop in the fct that it is the roop of shiv ji.

Look at what shiv ji means - does it mean a blue demi-god who carries a trident?

If so blue shiv ji - blue bana, Shiv ji's trident - Khalsa trident? - Dont think so

Shiv is refering to death - The Khalsa is the roop of Kaal.

Baba Santa Singh states in his Sarbloh Guru Granth Sahib Katha that Khalsa is the saroop of Akaaal Purakh.

Don't limit the khalsa to a demi-god rakash siaa.

"Mahadev kau kahat sada shiv, nirankaar ka cheenat neh bhiv."

peace out

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I see where your coming from bhaaji - but i still think that u r limiting sikhi..

Surely Guru Ka Sikh is above the devtas. Surely those who do pooja of akaal become one with akaal and rise above the devtas.

'jis dehi ko simre dev, so dehi bhaj har ki sev." sukhmani sahib

As Guru Arjan Sahib writes even the devtas want to obtain this human form. So if once obtaining this human form we are only limited to doing pooja of devtas, or becoming one with these devtas then whats the point?

Guru pyario the devtas themselves are spiritual entities and all these spiritual entitities are in the service of akaal. Becoming one with akaal will mean that all these spiritual entities present themselves and are ready to do seva of that being who is one with akaal.

Peace out

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Vijaydeep Singh if you mean 'us' as in 'us sanatan sikhs' i'm sorry to dissapoint you but i cannot claim to be part of this new cult.

You cannot add another label to Sikhi - Sanatan Sikhi as a religion doesnt exist, yet it would be correct to say Sikhi is Sanatan.

And yet many people have different interpretations of this word. Some interpret the word sanatan as meaning the eternal truth - others are just using this word to stoke up controversy.

Peace out

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