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Mitha Reetha & Guruji's Words


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh ........

One day Bhai Mardana expressed intense hunger. Guru

Nanak Dev ji directed him to go eat some fruits of

Reetha tree (soap-nut). Guruji told him not to bring

back any more with him though.

Mardana was reluctant knowing that reetha bears bitter

fruit. Guruji's words reinforced the faith at this

moment. He went and ate few reethas to taste and found

them to be indeed sweet. He ate to his fullest desire,

and on way back carried a bundle of them with him. He

forgot Guruji's words of caution-not to carry any with


He kept the fruit for consumption for later use.

Forgeting Guruji's words he bacame insecure about his

hunger. That fear gave rise to hunger again. Mardana

ate the Reetha fruit he had saved for this time. It

tasted very bitter! and Mardana felt nauceating

feeling. Guruji looked at visibly sick Mardana and

inquired what happened? "Satguruji, mein aapji de

bachan bhull gyaa si", was the reply. Guruji cautions

us to beware of greed through Bhai Mardana ji. There

is no difference between Bhai Mardanaji and Guruji.

They are inseparable. It was all Kautakk of Satguruji

for our well being. Indeed we do not remain well when

we forget Guruji's words.

Tu kahey dolleh praniaa, tudh rakheygaa sirjanhaar!!

Jinh paidayish tu keeaaa, so-eee deh adhaar!!...

Parmeshar te bhullyiaan viappann sabhay rog|

Be-mukh hoyey Raam te laggann janam viyog!!

Root cause of all disease is forgetting Waheguruji.

Turning our back towards Waheguruji causes separation

of innumerable lives!

Yes, there develops a gap of innumerable lives/joonies

if we forget our Maker/ Sri Waheguruji, Who's powers

are all powers. Harn Bharn ja ka nettar phorr. Who can

create and delete His creation in less than flick of

an eye lid. Guru ji gives us Dharwassa and Bharwassaa

to be in unshakeable state of existence. Adoll!!

Tristuss Deha!!! Never to be shaken. The firmness of

Sumer Parbatt, the Ahill State of Himalyaa.

Kandrup kot ja kay lawei na dharay!!

Anttar anttir mansa harray!!

Keh Kabir sunn sarangpaan!

Deh abhay padd mangauh daaan!!

approximate meaning:

(Infinite amount of love cannot be compared with Love

of Waheguru. Sri Waheguruji's chittar-bachittar powers

consume the hearts of the sharnagatt-jan Gurmukh.

Kabir ji says listen to the Naam of Dhanukh-dhari (all

powerful) Waheguruji because that alone shall bestow

upon us the fearless status-Adoll Awastha!)

Bhullan Andar sabh ko, abhull Guru Kartaar.

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