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dya is everything. something that all religions and humans on the earth have in there way of life.

even when killing u have some sort of daya.

hmmmmm but then again ninjas can not have no emotion. they must do the job and get out. but then again there must be some emotion b4 or after the missions.

if u hate then u only hate ur own heart. Guru Nanak Dev Ji use to whoop some ass.of course he had dya. He used to do other ppls besti but it was all out of dya.

i think there is some limit of having hate but in everything in life from eating, sleeping, working etc u must have dya.

YES manz know u need abit of hate when u wanna c some1 crossing theline. if u don't have hate ppl will walk over u. hate meaning in this context of being negative and evil.

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if its all about compassion then how can one hate? Perhaps you are talking about the energy behind the hate which is unbiased. which you can redirect in a positive way.

Perhaps you can provide a situation where hate would be acceptable?

I don't really know. The question just popped in my head. I suppose it's the energy behind the hate which I was referring to.

And isn't that how boxers psyche themselves up before a big fight, by "hating" their opponents?

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To me term hate implies that you are outwardly expressing something which is negative to your own self and the other.

Perhaps you are trying to speak of Bir Rus and somehow relating that to hatred in terms of boxing. I do not know much about Bir Rus, but perhaps someone here can post something which explains what it is.

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so pheena ur vocab is urs and mine is min and doggys is doggys. 4 u to understand what a next man is saying stop reading from u own perspective but read from the person who is posting. things may clear up if not ask again to explain.

we all c and read and live life diferrenlty. for 1 man to understand the next. we must try to understand they way the next man is walking and talking.

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As far as i can understand no, Hate itself cannot be Positive as the Nature of Hate is Destructive. The Energy behind Hate can be definetly used to redirect towards something positive.

As for your Boxing Analogy, it is very interesting. From what i can see, One can raise hatred towards his opponent, but it is not Hate that works for him but Anger which is produced by Hatred. Anger is then used to fight his opponent.....which i belive to be somehow related to Bir Rus, but not bir rus itself. but not sure.

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