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Independent Khalistan, international relations and strategic

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Independent Khalistan, international relations and strategic implications.

Just imagine the scenario:

In 2005, Punjab has broken away from India ( India begrudgingly accepts) and created a new independent state of Khalistan. Indian has given Chandigarh to Punjab, and there is a 30-40% Hindu population.

You will have all these countries surrounding Khalistan, India to the south, Pakistan in the west, China in the East and a potential independent Kashmir to the north. Also the USA is bound to meddle it's affairs in somewhere.

What kind of relations do you think an Independent Khalistan will have with following countries:a) India B) Pakistan c)China d)USA, what kind of agendas will these countries have and what kind of ramifications do you think it will have on the surrounding area?

My 2 cents:

With an independent Khalistan, most of the Sikh troops pull out of Indian army and join new army and most of the Sikh troops pull out of Kashmir, which will weaken stance of India in Kahsmir.

I think India will be severely weakened strategically as the only route to Kashmir is via Himachal Pradesh and Punjab. India may to keep some cordial relations with Khalistan as they need to and vica versa as Khalistan's rivers originate from Kashmir (if India still controls it). I think otherwise India will use clandestine moves to undermine the fledling state, it may use the large Hindu minority as a tool.

Pakistan will be jumping for joy and would probably the first country to initiate diplomatic relations with Khalistan. With India's grip on Kahmir loosened, it will be more adventurous in Kashmir, it will probably indermine Indus Water Treaty. If Pakistan gains control of Indian Kashmir, then they control the water of the Indus- which change the relations between India,Pakistan and Khalistan. However, an independent Khalistan would ignite seperatist movements in Pakistan also (ie Sindh, Pakhtoonwa,Baluchistan). Trade with Pakistan and Khalistan will increase.

Kashmiris would probably be pleased as it would inspire their independent claims. If they become independent, then they will hold a lot of leverage as the Indus rivers originate from there. It will affect both Khalistan and Pakistan.However, they would fear about being invaded from Pakistan.

The US will try to put their foot in and try to persuade Khalistan to have their troops based there to keep check between China, India, Pakistan.

China will also try to influence Khalistan so they can dominate the region.

Lets try to have a healthy discussion, just stick to the facts please.

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Khalistan would be an excellent idea, it should be based on Switzerland! A neutral country which enjoys peace and good relations with all it's neighbours and never gets involved with other nations affairs! :) Khalistan would also place Sikhism on the map! Which is something we desperately need! It will also bring to an end the menace of the Hindu fascists who are trying to destroy Sikhism!

Kind Regards,


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khalistan will be perfect in in design however the following points must be considered

1 geographically it would be too small to be a force

2 apart from agriculture it lacks the natural resources and agriculture is dependent on the water which will be controlled by kashmir

3 infastructure of order (police, education) will it be done in accordance with sikhism or not

4 government will decide the above point as the religious leaders are ill equiped to run a state (they sometimes look unable to run the gurudwaras

5 government will not allways agree with religion

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the main fact is that this is a delicate situation.... we need someone strong to lead the sikhs...be their voice... without that there will be nothin more then petty arguements .. this shudnt be rushed into with just one intention that a separate state is needed... there are allot of this which can be the ruin of a separate state

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steel bangel singh ji, i love the picture at the bottom, parnaam shaheedah nooo, vah vah....

the leader will be DHUN DHUN SACHAYE PATSHA SAT GURU GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI MAHARAJ,. flawless in his entirety, panj pyaarai to do the seva?

i think theres a constiution of khalistan out there on the net, let me see if i can find it, i'l post it up

talks about animal rights 2:D made my day

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