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Sikhi helpline..............


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ok, Sikhi has advanced so much technology wise in the last few years. Sikhi To The Max is one of the best. N all these different Singhs have wkd latest xpensive technology n even some giannis which is all fair enough........ but what do we need more than ANYTHING??

Sikhi Helpline!!

an interactive telephone helpline like childline... but run by Sikhs giving out Sikhi advice! wud it work??? i think it wud.

like i wore my kirpan at high school n the head master knew. but then the headmaster left n the new one didnt know i was wearing one. then this incident happened n he told me to go home shud i refuse to remove it! n i xplained to him calmly but he got hot headed saying "im not letting ur sort in my skool" n this that n the other! n i got extremely upset n i came home n i rang up this organisation thinking they wud give me advice coz it claimed to be a Sikh youth organisation and it was very popular at the time. n i was really down n he didnt know how to handle it! all he cud say was "dont worry, itll blow over soon!" i mean even i knew that! (sorry singh if ur on this forum)

but we do need a Sikh Helpline... or not? have there ever been incidents where uve thought "i really wanna talk to someone confidentially"? ur thoughts please.....

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I think forum like this are more useful than sikhi helpline. The only problem I see with Sikhi helpline that you are asking one person who is sitting behind the phone line. Now he can be right and wrong and you have to judge him if he was right or wrong in giving advice to you.

I think if you see problem like this then post them on couple of your community forums and let the different ideas and opinions come and choose the one which you find more convincing.

I would prefer forum as you get real time response and then as well as you don't have to worry about "hypocrites" ....

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