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To Veer Narsingha Ji


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I have read a post here on this forum. Some of members are in contact with Snatan Sikh Group from UK, which is in Punjab at present. Please someone forward my message to Veer Narsingha Ji to contact me through email.

Veer Narsingha Ji is still in Punjab. I will be glad to have his darshan. Though, he already knew that I want to have his Darshan, perhaps he forgot his this poor brother.

I hope for a healthy discussion with Veer Narsingha Ji in city of Mohali.

Please those, who are in contact with him, forward my message to Veer Narsingha Ji.

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Amrit, was speaking to a singh who said he saw and said fateh to you at shaheedi bagh anandpur sahib, he asked me to forward his fateh on again and wondered if you ever did get to meet jagdeep/narsingha/teja/empty vessel (the type that make the most noise!). i guess not from your posts here.

Please do ignore these hypocritical children from the uk, too much hunkar is no good as we all know, be that from martial arts training or learning santia from some babeh in punjab, doesnt give us the right to think/act like we know the way the world works!! I do hope the punjab singhs from all the different areas/groups were not too disgusted at the activities of the drunken/drugged warrriors from the uk. We must assure you that not all 'western' singhs behave like this!

Good luck in your research, but please be careful, as these people get scared very quickly and might report your attempts for debate as intimidation! lol they might even think you are following them for other more sinister acts! I think you should reassure narsingha that you only wish to talk, poor lass is probably afraid of you brother!

Anyway good luck to one and all, may vaheguru bring victory to the righteous!!

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