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An Exemplary Gursikh


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An exemplary Gursikh who has made into the big billion dollar market and who has been recognised for his business acumen by the Singapore government as Businessman of the Year -1995.

The person is Mr Kartar Singh Thakral, (below) an absolutely humble human being.



The Thakral Group had its beginnings in a small retail business since 1905, the 'Punjab Store' in Bangkok. In 1936, the Thakral's enterprising spirit led them to Japan, where they continued to focus on the family's core business - textiles. Later, the group ventured into several other countries, including Singapore and China in the 1950s and 1960s. At a time when the strategy of regionalisation was still planning stage for most companies, the Thakral family had already made inroads into foreign lands, which would later pave the way for the Group's growth and diversification.

In 1973, Thakral Brothers started to support the Group's diversification from the textile business into consumer electronics. The Group's turning point came in 1974, when it ventured into consumer electronics in China, building on the network that was laid in the 1960s. This business has continued to grow and, today, the Group's consumer electronics business in China contributes 50% to the Group's turnover.

The Group's future growth will hinge on selective expansion of their core businesses in the international arena.

Through entrepreneurial vision and foresight, good financial acumen, and an uncompromising standard of business integrity, the Group has laid the foundation for its next phase of growth. The next chapter of the Thakral's success story will see the Group grow even further.

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