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Straighter dhari


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Hmm...I know this may seem strange. My dhari is still growing, a long way to its probable full length. The dhara are not very straight, in fact most are quite curly. I've tried combing, but it does not seem to make a big difference. From those who have experience, do the dharas get any straighter as they get longer? Is there any ways you know of making dharas straighter by combing etc?

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singhs should be fashion concious, well to a point where they can attract the opposite sex.

you see "survival of the fittest" doesnt actually mean, the one who can run/lift/perform the best but it actually is more along the lines of success, and success is passing your "seed" to the next generation.

you can have a world champion who is sterile/low sperm count and then a cripple with 2-3 heathly kids, the cripple is the successor for he has passed on his gene.

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