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Sant baba aiya singh hoti mardan and his murid...


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After Sant aiya Singh hoti mardan waley went to sachkhand and there was a premi of baba ji who would get up every morning 2 am to asa di var kirtan with baja...His neighbour would come near his window and swear at him and go because of the sound. But this premi singh in his shant ras won't say anything keep shanti of this suitation.

As months passed by, this shinsla(play) was happening. Eventually, one of angry neighbour managed to break the door and start swearing on this premi's face and almost attempted to punch this singh. This gurmukh singh, just slightly pushed him and neighbour fell down and died instantly.

Police came arrested him despite of this premi's clarification that all he did was pushed him slightly.

So this singh in the custody and after few days his trial came to the judge. That morning, he bought his murshid dhyan and said, 'I didn't do anything, I didn't kill him.

So later on that day, this singh was presented infront of the british judge because this story is prior to 1947 where british controlled Indian Area.

Judge after hearing the case, decided to give him "Fassi(Death Plenty)". As judge was writing his judgement.. his pen would write "Raa ha iiii (Freed)" instead of death plenty.. judge was shocked.. he used different pens but still it will automatically will write "Freed" whenever judge want to write his judgement. After numerous attempts...judge freed him from this murder charge.

Judge later then went to see this premi singh because he was soo shocked. Judge asked him, who is your murshid(teacher)?, he replied, Baba Aya Singh Ji who was a student of a Sahib baba karam singh ji hoti mardan waley. Since judge already know about sahib baba karam singh charismatic character...he said, "Dhan Dhan Dhan baba ji" and walked away.

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