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Sikhs put down on forum


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CAN ANY 1 help...recently there has been alot of hate posts on this site against the Sikh religion. I know people will say ignore it but they are raising doubt amongst non sikh people about us keeping our hair and if it is hygenic or not!



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It's best not to pay any attention this hate mongers. They have no clue about their own religion yet they find it's absolutely ok to cuss other dharams.

They screwing their own karma... let them...

And that site is lame made by some rude boi wanna be black gangasta... no right minded individual take that site seriously or it's contents.. it jokes.

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It is pointless to discuss with ignorance. Email the Admin of the Forum and makin him aware of the issues. Posting there is not going to remove ignorance when the intention of the posters is filled with intolerance. You cannot teach those who do not wish to learn. Then i think if we continue to think as such and taken no defensive position ignorance and hate will continue to grow....i'd take the steps with the Admin first to see if that solves the issue.


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