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Difference between Paratma and Atma??


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I want to start discussion on paratma and atma.

- Are they same?

I think they are same.. reason there are two terms for that one(ikongkar) is because paratma is ever parmananda, (no duality/advait)..however since paratma had to create this universe by an thought..paratma also had to create it's maya and within it's maya- he also created human body, mind (mann, chit , buddh) and also soul(his purest form) so human being can develop an link to nirankar via soul while being in this world and be gurmukh maya vich udasi.??


sowwie that just my interpertation.. don't know if i m making any sense :?

that is bit of brain teaser for me. :shock:

Please discuss ! :D

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It is like a Miti the Ghara with a closed lid filled with water is surrounded by water. There is water within the Ghara also there is water outside of the Ghara. Even in the small pores of the Ghara water is. So what is the difference between the water within the Ghara and outside of it?

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