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Eyewitness Accounts of the Sikhs 1606-1809


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[align=center:7c2cb7069c]From the authors of Warrior Saints, introducing a fascinating new reconstruction of Sikh History through eyewitness accounts:

"Sicques, Tigers or Thieves" : Eyewitness Accounts of the Sikhs (1606-1809), Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh. Palgrave Macmillan, New York, 2004

see www.sicques.com for more information[/align:7c2cb7069c]

In 1810, Sir John Malcolm published the ground-breaking Sketch of the Sikhs. Contrary to popular belief, Malcolm was not the first European to write an account of the Sikhs. In the previous two centuries, soldiers, travellers, administrators, scholars, missionaries and empire-builders had witnessed the development of the Sikhs. The letters, diaries, newspaper accounts and memoirs of these men and women have been painstakingly researched and compiled to shed light on a little-understood period of Sikh history.

A fascinating account of the Sikhs as seen by foreign travellers in the land which was to become their kingdom. They give us an insight into the macho self-image that Sikhs have to this day - anything you can do I can do better. This spirit of upmanship has sustained the community miniscule in numbers but grand in achievements - KHUSHWANT SINGH, JOURNALIST AND AUTHOR (History of the Sikhs)

Better than time travel... a richly-peopled, intimate journey through the dawn of Sikh history - CHRISTY CAMPBELL, AUTHOR (The Maharajah's Box)

"Sicques, Tigers or Thieves" promises to include the following highlights:

1. Over 35 of the earliest European accounts of the Sikhs in one volume, many previously unpublished.

2. Over 20 of the earliest images of Sikhs including those by, or commissioned for, Europeans.

3. The only European written account of the martyrdom of Guru Arjan in a new translation of the original 17th century Portuguese text.

4. The first ever translations of French accounts of Sikhs.

5. Several early British newspaper reports of Sikh military activity in the late 18th century, not known to have previously been published in any other work.

6. The chroniclers, many unaware of the traditions of this new faith group, have often witnessed unorthodox practices and extrapolated these as articles of faith. In many cases these statements provide a useful insight on early Sikh practices, but in some instances they can be misleading (the editors introductory remarks and endnotes will address these areas). [/font:7c2cb7069c]

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I am sorry to have to make this one short,

I am speaking as a member of the sikh panth and not a timmypanthi-baba......

First and foremost this book, in current times, is a histiographical gift to us. how many people have felt that, as sikhs, we cry and cry and aren't recognized????(probably the majority of us), but this compilation of accounts restores a non-ideological belonging to the greater world. We are old world people, with new world thoughts, caught in the barracade of self pity and disempowerment!

This book is not just ample, but powerfully overwhelming evidence that sikhs have a strong legacy behind them.

I URGE everyone to buy this book! Sacha sauda should have copies of this....we may be young, we may be old....but our next generation deserve to grow up understanding and knowing that their forefathers were a distinguished people.

I'll give a personal story to you all,

every once in a while, I have done tours of one of our gurdwara's here in toronto(for catholic school high school people), and answered questions about the sikh faith etc. I smile, keep it light, but I do tend to express certain things with a bit of seriousness (The light-hearted approach helps to make certain, more serious stuff, stick out).

Well, part of my aim, when talking to people is to show a human commonality. An example I used when referring to the medium of sikh worship and preaching (for a better lack of words) is as follows

1) who here has been hurt in a relationship?

2) who here has heard a song on the radio that you guys have felt has been written for you?

(most people put up their hands).

3) then I go onto explain, " Guru nanak, talked and sang (I go into raags at this point) about his experience, which is at the core of everyone living being...each and every one of you...his words pierced people at a level they could barely fathom, and that opened them up to something profound..to which they said "waheguru"

Now, this relates back to the book, because the same authors wrote warrior saints (another MUST HAVE)...and that book has pictures. I ALWAYS show the pictures of sikhs in flanders field......

for all you canadians, we have grown up reciting, "in flanders field"...and the people you see are "sikhs". This hits home, we have "physical proof" that we were a part of history!!!!

This book sheds sikhs in a real light, and helps us and others connect to sikhi at a real level!!!!!

by us, buying, absorbing, learning and communicating the painstaking efforts of what amandeep madra and paramjit singh have undertaken...we are doing our duty as ambassadors of sikhi...and JUSTICE to their efforts!

I say, with full heartedness, that this is a MUST HAVE and indispensable compilation with VERY NEUTRAL and SOUND commentary.

I have read 3/4 of the book. I will read it through thoroughly twice, before I give details of what is good (without giving too much away).

Buy the book! its worth not going to timmy's for 2 weeks ;).

ps...still in exam time, so my thoughts aren't as clear, but I will write more.

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