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Gettin in the Gap

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It has 3 Files in it. i've only listened to the first one and it is just Awesome. To my surprise this individual has mentioned Japa as a means to create this Gap in our Mind. The Gap between thoughts in which our true bliss lies. It is simply awesome.

Here is the First Paragraph from his book:

The gap is an exquisite place! It's a place where miracles occur. The gap is owned by everyone on this plant. It's yours to enter at will. What awaits you in the gap is the experience of activating the higher human dimensions of insight, intuition, creativity and peak performacne: as well as coming to know relaxation, enchantment, bliss, and the peace of making conscious contact with God


Size: 46.3M

If you are on 56K and takes too long to download PM me and let me know, i can send you the same files with smaller size.

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it works, altho i feel when he used the word 'aahhhhhhh' it just doesn't feel right perhaps i am not acustomed ot it and its sound.

I Think we can substitute his Prayer with the Mool Mantra and then When in between the words we can either recite Waheguru or Ommm.

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