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Jathedaaarr 2 BE OR NOT 2 BE


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:D:D waaj khalsa.................

easy every1 nuff respect, minor little question im wanting 2 ask, ever since Baba Thakur Singh ji left the earth a new jathedaar has been reinstated (not wanting 2 raise debate as 2 wether he is the right guy or not ). was told a while ago that who ever is the jathedaar of taksaal wether in absence of the main dude or the jathedaar himself is a brahim gyanee- so is the new jatheedaar considered a brahim gyanee or are my sources a little out of date????????

do shed sum light pleess


............waaj fateh! :D:D

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One does not become a Brahmgiani simply because he is a Jathethar by winning the majority of the Votes. If he is a Brahmginai, then he is regardless of the status placed upon him.

What you have heard is true only when Political-Egos do not rule Sikhi, but Humility.

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You have all by-passed the line of

'brahamgiani kee gat brahamgiani jaanai'

'only a brahamgiani can know the status of a brahamgiani'

Guru Sahib has told us - 'jinaa saas giraas na visare harnama man mant, dhan se sei nanaka dhan se sei sant.'

Brahamgiani cannot be passed down like a pagh -

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