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Conference on the Prophet of Islam MUHAMMED (pbuh)


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an email i received... i went to their first event... the whirling dervishes... & it was very good...

Dear Mr Gurvinder Singh,

The Society of Dialogue Between Religions is an interfaith-intercultural organisation promoting understanding of Islam among the non-Muslim population of the UK as well as other religions to Muslims.

As part of our affords to do so we have organised a conference on the Prophet of Islam - MUHAMMED (PbuH) and his message as a Prophet of Mercy to the mankind. As you well know we organised “The Whirling Dervishesâ€, our first major program, on the 6th of October 2004,

We believe men are the enemies of what they do not know. As the enlightenment of the society through the channels of men of religion is an utmost priority for us, we kindly invite you to join the International Celebration of the Life of Prophet MUHAMMED (PbuH) to be held at the venue given below.

The speakers of the programme are Dr. ATAULLAH SIDDIQUI (Islamic Foundation, Leicester), Dr. IAN WILLIAMS (University of Central England), and Mr. KERIM BALCI (Centre for Intercultural Dialogue Studies).

The Society of Dialogue Between Religions will also present the participants a complementary gift package including forty sayings of the Prophet MUHAMMED (PbuH), a documentary film and rose leaves symbolizing the office of Prophethood in the Turkish Islamic tradition. The participants will also benefit from a series of classical Muslim music and prayers.

The Venue: Queens Hall, Student Union Building, University of Leicester, University Road, LE1 7RH, Leicester

The Date: April 20th 2005; 19:30 to 21:30

You can also see information about the program by visiting our web site; www.dialogue-religions.org

Your response to our RSVP e-mail: info@dialogue-religions.org will be greatly appreciated in order for us to be able to allocate the correct number of seats. You are welcome to bring as many people as you like.

With kind regards,

Mr. M. Kasim EROL


Society of Dialogue Between Religions,

25 Beakes Road, Smethwick,

Birmingham B67 5RS, UK

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