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Liverpool in Final


Are Liverpool worthy of being in the Champions League Final?  

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    • No.. they were Jammy!
    • Yes, only coz i support Liverpool

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Kops and robbers

By Derek 'Robbo' Robson

The Tees mouth

My missus watched Hustle on the upstairs telly last night. I'm sure Rafa the Gaffer was telling his lads 'the con was on' 'n' all.

How did Liverpool win that? It wasn't a goal (probably), they only got into the Chelsea half twice in the second half, and suddenly they're in the final. The steal of the century.

But you know how it is when you hear some crafty criminals have lifted masses of cash from a vault somewhere... you can't help but have a sneaking respect for them.

The back four was brilliant, Carragher especially, although he'd better stay clear of Clive Tyldesley - who is clearly besotted with the lad.

Even the Hair Band Bunch - Baros, Luis Garcia and Kewell - did their bit to shore up the defence. Well done Liverpool!

As for Chelsea, well it's only two titles after all. That's got to be enough for any team. I'd like to say it's good to see Mourinho looking miserable, but he always looks bloody miserable does the Man from Milk Tray.

And Chelsea do have one thing Liverpool don't have yet: a place in the Champions League next season.

Can Liverpool win the whole thing? No, never in a million years. Like Greece and Porto before them, they simply can't do it.

source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/funny_old_...bbo/4493191.stm

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ghost... do i sense some jealousy? :wink:



nope i was a neutral in that one.. and i wouldve hated for chelsea to win...

plus.. PSV - Milan game was wikd!

PSV were unlucky.. and if they had got to the final on that form they would have cained Liverpool... so i reckon that Milan were the best result for liverpool goin on that game....

but i dont want liverpool to win the champions league coz it will cause a massive problem for the FA coz everton will get 4th place....

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everton to get 4th place? if they do i will kiss a fit bird. If they don't, u can kiss my ass. :twisted:

Hey, do u remember our last group game against Olympiakos? It was at Anfield and we had to win by 2 clear goals. At half-time we were 1-0 down. Cue introduction of Mellor and Pongolle in 2nd half - I think both scored. And then who elso but Gerrard in the 80-something minute hits a screamer from way outside the area. Hammered it....


i hab tho sthop now


thoo thentimental

*beast starts blubbering like a kid*

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Guv - seems like ur wish is half way to becoming true..

ARSENAL 3 liverpool 1 :P

hahaha.. it was wikd game.. 1st half all arsenal, 2nd half liverpool were a whole new team, couldve pulled off a win! :shock:

the win means, everton are guaranteed 4th spot... 8)

looks like no champions league football for liverpool next season... :idea:

will gerrard leave? :?:

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oi u transparent freak, why the man with shades next to everton bein in CL? :x

i'm gonna give u an ass-woopin to match any that ur folks eva gave ya. :evil:

i'll meet ur sorry ass on the gladiator thingy at the camp.

i suggest u start training that wimpy excuse of a body of yours.


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oi u transparent freak, why the man with shades next to everton bein in CL? :x

coz its kool that they in the champions league... they deserved it 8)

they had a crappy team, sold 2 of their best players and still finished above liverpool... thats too funny... :P

:!: the best team in merseyside THIS season is higher in the league :!:

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