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Orgin of Budda Dal !!


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Got this from tapoban forum:...some interesting observations.

Orginal post:

It's a known fact that these two dals were running under Nawab Kapoor Singh Ji. I want to know the history of the two dals. Before them we had Bandai Khalsa and tatt khalsa who had a great dispute over who is right/wrong which was reolved at Harimandar Sahib. It's also well known fact that Jatherdar Binod Singh with his jatha of singhs left Banda Singh Bhadaur after which Banda Singh Bahadaur was captured. I 'm giving sangat a picture of what had happened between those 50 odd years and I'm trying to find out where and when did the Jatka/maas thing prevalent int he Buddha dal. I don't want this debat to turn into meat eating yeah or no thing , I'm trying to find out some facts. It's a fact that Tatt Khalsa was accepted by the pant after the dispute at Harimandar Sahib, did Bandai Khalsa later came into being the buddha dal as they have practices of worshiping sants and nirmalle sants etc.. Apologies I 'm a bit lost here just need this for a friend for an article and of course constant learning.

I have read Panth Parkash by Rattan Singh Bhangu.. there are a few references but I cannot seem to get to the facts, can anyone help???


From my understanding of history, Navab Kapoor Singh Jee created Budha Dal and the Taruna Dals. The Taruna Dals operated throughout punjab and initially consisted of about 5 jathas, under the leadership of gursikhs like Baba Deep Singh Jee. Navab Kapoor Singh Jee was jathedar of Budha Dal and basically, jathedar of the Dal Khalsa, and was primarily situated around Amritsar Sahib and was responsible for taking care of Darbar Sahib, Sri Akal Takht Sahib (Akaal Bunga) and other gurdvaras. Eventually, the five jathay of Taruna Dal mushroomed to several dozen jathay. At a Sarbat Khalsa (I believe it was in the 1740s, but will have to recheck the date), Navab Kapoor Singh asked the various jathay to dissolve themselves. The Buddha Dal was also disolved and the Dal Khalsa was organised into 11 misls (the 12th misl was started separately). Sardar Kapoor Singh stepped down as Jathedar of Dal Khalsa and took charge of one misl. Sardar Jassa Singh Aluwalia was appointed head of the Dal Khalsa. Eventually, after the invasions by Abdali ended, the different misls accumulated significant amounts of power, land and wealth and turned to fighting each other for control of various territories. The sarbat Khalsa meetings began to be ignored by various Misl jathedars and the power of the Dal Khalsa was finished.

During these times, the Shaheeda dee Misl, initially led by Baba Deep Singh Jee, became known as the nihang jatha. They really held no territory and ended up moving their base to Amritsar. They were respected by the other misls and nobody attacked them (which also had to do with the fact that they held no land and wealth). Akali Phoola Singh is also supposed to have come from this misl.

Where all this bhang stuff comes from is unclear. Some say that the founder of the Bhangi misl (which became the strongest misl for some time) was used to doing bhang (even before he became a singh) and that this practice may have been popularised by them. Others say that bhang was sometimes used as a painkiller to treat wounded singhs (just as we use painkillers today) and over time, certain people took it from medicinal use to ritual abuse. Both of these theories probably have some merit.

The history of the origins of the modern day buddha dal and Turna Dals is sketchy. They trace their history through Akali Phoola Singh, Baba Gurbaksh Singh, Baba Deep Singh, Navab Kapoor Singh, Baba Binod Singh and various other gursikhs. Clearly, Navab Kapoor Singh started Budha Dal and held its jathedari. This Dal was also finished by him and the Misl system was started. Navab Jee himself became head of a Misl and this misl was eventually taken over by other misls and had nothing to do with the modern day Buddha Dal. The Jathedar of Dal Khalsa after Navab Kapoor Singh Jee was Sardar Jassa Singh. This Jathedari and the Dal Khalsa ended with Sardar Jassa Singh, and in any case, I don't believe Buddah Dal claims his as a former head of Buddah Dal. His own misl (the Aluwalia Misl) continued on outside the Raj of Ranjit Singh for some time, but had nothing to do with any Buddah Dal.

Budda dal usually uses the reference to the term Akali and Nihang as evidence of who was part of this dal. However, these terms were commonly used to describe various singhs, and not anyone of a particular jatha until much later. I personally have a hard time seeing where Buddha Dal would fit into the misl system. If it was the umberalla group in charge of the panth, then Sardar Jassa Singh would be the Jathedar of Budha Dal after Navab Kapoor Singh. I don't think anyone argues for this. If Baba Deep Singh and Baba Gurbaksh Singh were leaders of the buddha Dal, then that would mean that Shaheedan dee Misl was Buddha Dal. This was not the case.

It seems that the origins of the modern day Buddha Dal and Taruna Dals is probably during the post Ranjit Singh period, during the early days of the British Raj. Singhs associated with Akali Phoola Singhs army dressed in Khalsa Bana (Nihung Bana) and were commonly known as Nihangs or Akalis (which was not synonomous with Budda Dal, as seems to be the case today). It's well known that most singhs in these times became shaheed or left punjab and went into hiding. However, shortly after this, we start seeing images of Singhs in full bana and shastars in Punjab and groups of 'nihungs'. This seems to be at odds with the fact that the British were hunting down Akali Singhs. Later, we even see these groups or members of these groups, by now organised into a 'buddha dal,' taking part in British sponsored events and being photographed by the British and even having control of various Gurdvaray. Shockingly, they seem quite subservient to the British Raj, which is entirely out of character with the qualities of Akali Singhs of Akali Phoola Singh's time.

It seems likely, that groups of singhs, who had some association with the old Akali Singhs, tried to hold onto that appearance. Unfortunately, they lacked all the great Khalsa qualities of those they were trying to represent. Perhaps, some of them were old warriors who had simply been defeated and no longer had the same spirit. Whatever the case, it is clear that these 'Akali' Singhs were tolerated and even promoted by the British, unlike the previous Akali Singhs who were hunted down and killed.

This was a time when the Sikh panth was living in oppression and was struggling to stay alive. Sikhi was under attack from all sides. Idols were installed in the Parkarma of Darbar Saahib and murals of Guru Gobind Singh Jee matha teking to Durga were painted within the Darbar Sahib complex. Brahmin minded mahants controlled many of our institutions and did their best to undermine the Khalsa panth, just like the Masands a couple of centuries earlier. It's probable that much of the belief system and rituals of the modern day Budha Dal comes from this period. Other parts of their maryada, such as bhang, may be older, from the misl period (the latter half of the 18th century).

Please discuss ! :)

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some mistakes. btw budha dal line has always been there.

baba deep singh lived in malwa where damdama sahib is.

let me improve on my english spelling and grammr and iz will get to on dis topic.

tat khalsa and bandi khalsa hated each other big times. manz went crazy ova each other. this is just b4 shaheedi of gurbaksh singh banda bahadur.

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N3O Singh Ji, can you please give the link to original post? The original poster is not wrong, but he has not given references. In one of my posts, I have used term 'Budhha Dal (revived)'. The word 'revived' used by me tells that the present day Budhha Dal is not the Jathebandi, which was organised in 1734.

'Praacheen Panth Prakaash' needs very-very careful reading.

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I would concur that overall the ‘general’ sequence of events and thoughts outlined by the poster do present a valid set of arguments and propositions for further analysis, although as pointed out by Veer Amritpal Singh, they are grossly void of references in addition to which treatment of terms such as (Khalsa) Bana, Durga, Mahants, Masands etc with very 20th century interpretations, which doesn’t entirely fit in with the period under discussion.

Nonetheless, Doaba’s forthcoming post would be interesting to see in order to understand how the ‘Buddha Dal’ has ‘always been there’. I recall a few months back a thread containing discussions between the SA administration (Neo and Sardar Mod Singh) and Amandeep Singh Madra on Banda Singh Bahadur where similar issues arose on the authenticity of Baba Binod Singh being the full-blown Jathedar that the present-day Buddha Dal indicate him to be as part of their origins –from my recollection, much of this discussion related to inconsistencies within the writings of Pracheen Panth Parkash and other texts, particularly on the Bandai and Tat Khalsa.

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i'm sorry u r wrong when u say nawaab kapoor singh started the budha dal off and ended it. where u got this from is amazingly false.

jassa singh aluwaliah was outside of ranjeet singhs power cus he was the leader of the dal panth.

there has always been 2 main armies at the end. runjeet singhs army and the nihang singh army. this is a fact so how can u say what u r saying??

words used as akali or nihang were used everyday for every1 cus everyday every1 lived in the dalpanth so what is ur point? cus u do not believe in all the singhs being under nihang singhs that is y u r seperating this in the timeliine of the past.

today is a perfect example how akj's call themselves nihang singhs and akali singhs. where as it is clear they r not. so present and past do not try to get them mixed up.

the singhs that u r on about baba deep singh and baba gurbaksh were not jathedars of budha dal. where r u getting this info??? many singhs in history have same names so it is easy to get confused. b4 u study u must understand the timeline of things. if u do not then of course u will confuse urself and ur family.

vah vah vah another tactic. i do have to say ppl do not give up. but its all good. keep up mind jangs me sons.

plz answer these questions lets c how far ppl can take this.

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The so called 'Sanatan' take on Sikhi is not anything new from the Buddha Dal perspective, it is the view of the Buddha Dal as well as Nihang Niddar Singh. Have another gander at the sarbloh website and perhaps one will notice that the majority of the quotes come from Buddha Dal and in some cases Tarna Dal members.

Contrary to perhaps what people have come to believe, the views expressed by Niddar Singh on Nihang Teja Singh's website are not concocted necessarily by himself, but do have their foundations in the Buddha Dal, of course not identical, but no two people are, so what can one expect from an entire oragnisation, unless of you wish to be like the droids of General Grevious' Army.

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were can i sign up to this general grevious sahibs army? sounds intresting,,

origin of budhdal is simple they came from the will of God .. :)

so as cults like- 3ho, akj, radhaswamis and nirankaris.. so what's your point? :wink: :LOL::LOL:

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niranjana - have a quik rehtink before likening the anatan views to those actually of buddha dal

quotes can be misinterpreted and twisted to suit purposes - have a look through the rehat maryada of budha dal ureself - u will see stark differences just from that

- who cares - You wanna learn about the dal go out there and experience it, dont sit on forums saying so and so said this but i've never been to budha dal so i wouldnt know but falaana said falaaana and taemkara said taemkara


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