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Naam Simran Vichar Da Sagar

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Naam Simran Vichaar.

Recitation: Three types:

1. Vachak: In letters and words for the listener’s understanding.

2. Apaasu: With lips is low tone but not audible to other sitting beside.

3. Maanas: Only with Mind.

1. Concentration of Mind 2. Cleanliness of body or purity of body 3. Silence 4. Contentment 5. To feel god present always. 6. Seclusion 7. Faith in Mentor (Guru/Murshid/Mahapurkh) 8. Practice for long time without any desire and Men of contentment server their lord and dwell upon none but the True one They put not their feet in sin, they do good and practice Dharma.

Parts of Jap:

1. God Almighty (Ishat- Timeless Being) 2. Rishi (seer) Guru Nanak Dev Ji 3. Guru Angad Dev Ji capable of many powers manifest. 4. Chants in Asa and Gujri in style with puratan janam sakhi 5 Keelik Siri Guru Arjan Dev Ji the compiler of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 6 Seed form ek ongkar.

Jaaps (Recitation) 4 types:

1. Biakhri with Tongue. 2. Madhma with mind on throat cycle. 3. Pashanti - with mind on heart cycle. 4 Para bani - with subtle faculities of mind or naval cycle. Para is however incomplete because these spots are beneath third eye secondly- secret Naam comes out of God himself and is only audible in musical waves. This cannot be described in words only such a one, who recited within heart without using tongue can know that Naam is recited. Naam within heart without using tongue can know that Naam is the creator of planets, stars and universe.

Malar Mohalla 1

He, who utters the Naam with the heart and not with the tongue alone (knows alone) for, how can anyone else realize the Name.

Melody if Naam, rests inside the human but is hard to know without some, one experienced enough and without this (Naam), we waste away our life Naam is also a letter beginning with tongue constituting first step in the path of spiritual existence. Thus says Bhagat Ravidas Ji

Page- 1167

Without seeing (God), the desire (to see him) well up not,

But how to see him when all that seems will pass away?

He who dwells upon the (Lord's) name through his praise,

That yogi becomes detached forsodth (1)

Like apparently non living solid puppet dancing with an invisible thread in the hands of puppet master, similarly naam and subject are invisibly related with each other. Letter Naam leads to the subjective existence of God. Mind, therefore needs to be awakened through letter Naam. But without sound, intellect cannot transcendent physical body to soaring heights. Letter lies in tongue that speaks but sound rests in unspoken language which is one and same for whole world. Holmen’s message is common for one and all i.e.- khatri, brahman, sood and vaish-all the four classes are entitled to recite one and same Naam of God which pervades everywhere...e.g.-

Suhi Mohalla 5 (P-747)

Guru's message is common to all

The story of Mian Mitha in Janam Sakhi (page- 174) sheds light on the Naam. He lived in Mithan Kot, Guru Nanak visited him and had discussed on several subjects. Guru told him that human always remains in chains and without Naam he cannot be free. Main asked what naam is? Guru ji replied, "Mianji, no one has been able to evaluate him. It is a matter of experience rather than understand. Mian requested, "Sir, you tell me about this secret Naam, whatever way you can.”Then Guru told Mian Mitho ! Listen attentively, do you hear anything. Mian Mitho- No, Sir. Guru held him by the arm, walked to a secluded place, looked at him and asked, now tell me? O sir “though is Master of helpless and redeemer of the sinner. Now I feel unbroken waves of God's Melodious Naam rippling in my each and every hair. This story testifies to the fact that Naam is unspeakable subject which has vibrations and is a subject of experience.

Ramkali Mohalla 1 (p-941)

Gurmukh's hair meditates upon God.

Therefore holy men say God is one and there is only one way to meet him. It does not meddle with nations or religions and anyone can do this irrespective of nationality or religion. This path is right there in everyone's heart and one who journey's inside can achieve merger with the Lord. But this can only be understood if one creates partnership with the Naam. Everybody has had been in chains since ages and it is pretty hard to go inculcate new ideas. Only experienced saints can make this possible e.g.-

Sarang Mohalla 1 (p- 1232)

In thy heart then rings the even-toned melody, which is subdued not, nor can be evaluated, yea, without the lord's name, every one is pauper: this is the wisdom I hi have learnt from the Guru (4).

In the village of body when concentrated intellect soars high, it goes eight petal lotuses behind eyes and listens to the Naam.

Ramkali Mohalla 3 (p-908)

Ask for the alms in the township of the body, and then, thou, art blest with the Lord's Name (3)

It has an enchanting melody which drives intellect onto spiritual realms just as iron needle to a magnet because intellect Nam and the lord are composted of same and similar elemental extract. Naam's attraction gets spirit out of body shell.

O my love, I live only be remembering your Name, my true Guru has told me to be firm in God's Name.

If I tell you a little about those melodious sound then spirit would rise out of the physical shells. Somehow, by reciting same thing, one gets introvert if extrovert and listens into inner melodies, the Naam gives ecstasy.

Maru Mohalla 1 (p-986)

That he alone attains bliss that is ever imbued with the Name.

Time for meditation:

Any and every time is good for Naam recitation but ambrosial hour of early mornings are the best ones.

Meditation thou, in ambrosial morning, on he true name, his greatness glory (Japuji)

Gouri Mohall 5 (page- 255)

Rise thou early and meditate on the Name, dwell on the lord night and day. Then, thou suffer not sorrow and all thy woes depart (1)

Why Naam cannot be heard?-

Mind floating in waves of evil thoughts and temptations is scattered rather than concentrate and cannot hear Naam.

Sarang Mohalla 5 (P-1247)

So long as this mind is trapped by the whirlpool (of desire), one is puffed up by Ego one loves not the word, nor cherishes the Lord's Name.

Real Naaam is secret and untraceable: Real Naam resides in all but it is secret and can only be realized with the help of some one experienced and well versed in meditation.

The secret name is in action in kalyug and every where. God permeates all. This Name becomes visible in such heart as runs to the Guru's shelter.

Naam a thread leading to the Lord: The stream of Naam is pervading all universes and sustaining everything. Body is also micro cosmos which is sustained by Naam. This streams is like an unbreakable thread which join us with the Lord. It flows from brain to the lower part of body. Intellect reaches the Treasure of Naam through Naam thread. Therefore Naam path is also known as reverse path since it work’s in opposite direction to the worldly path.

Gauri Mohalla 5 (P- 281)

They whose mind hath accepted the company of the Name.

Nanak known have they the Lord, Immaculate (3)

Naam: Stick to locate place Tilang Namdev Ji (P-727)

For me, the blind one, Thy Name, O creator is the only support; I am a poor, Meek Soul, O Lord, and my mainstay is thy Name.

Naam is accepted means in kalyug when vices/demerits overtake virtues. Righteousness falls help ness resulting into all round degradation. Human loses intelligence. In times such as those perfect Guru preaches Naam since there is no other way out. Right actions and ritualism are only valid in other ages but in kaliyug only Naam is helpful.

God’s Name: Mind like iron, sharpened by desire like sharpener is mixed in illusion as iron as sand. To gather it, Guru’s word serves as magnet, without Naam mind does not get concentrated Lord’s Naam gives inner wisdom.

1. Naam Da Saroop (Nature of Naam)

2. Naam Da Karan (Cause)

3 Naam da Abhyaas (Practice)

4. Naam Di Audhi (Duration)

5. Naam Da Phaul (Fruit/Result)

1. Naam Saroop:

There are two types of Naam Saroop/Shabad Roop - Varan Aatmak and Dhun Aatmak.

a. Varan Atamak- To Purify eyes, recite/read it using your eyes

Akhri Naam Akhri Salah || (Panna- 4)

so example- write Vahiguroo, Satnaam, Ram on paper and read it. This is called Varan Aatmak.

b. Dhun Aatmak- Listen it with your ears. Listen to naam dhuni via ears.

Dhun Meh Dhyan Meh Janiya Gurmukh Akth Kahani || (Panna- 879)

According to Moukh Panth Parkash- Naam Da Vachaak Akhand Tat Budh(Gyan) is discussed.

According to Pantjali, naam is considered as Gyan da Saroop example- cleanses of budhi.

2. Naam Da Karan (Reason): Fear is considered Naam Da Karan. Fear of jamdoots, hell, 84 lakh reincarnations, and fear of coming in womb causing naam to reside in this being.

There are many types of fear just like example- mouse is afraid of cat, cat is afraid of dog, tiger is afraid of hunter with gun.just like that whole world is in fear.

Sagal Saamgri Daraeh Baiepi Binh Dar Karnaiee Haaraa || (Panna - 999)

3. Naam Da Abhayas: First recite with tongue then do simran through breaths (swasa) example- doing simran with coming and going breaths (inhale- Vahi and exhaling- Guru)

Jinna Sas Garas Na Visraie Har Nama Mann Mant ||

Dhan Sie Saiee Nanaka Pooran Soiii Sant ||

(panna- 319)

Jina Saas Garas Na Visraie Sai Pooraie Pardhan || (Panna - 313)

Then automatically naam simran will start happening via Surati (Dhyaan).one just needs to do have phurna (thought) in the Surat and it will start happening.

Then one will feel like every hair (rom rom) of the body reciting vahiguroo's naam just like tongue. One will hear naam simran dhuni from rom rom

Gurmukh Rom Rom Har Dhaavaaye || (Panna- 941)

4. Naam Di Audhi- In this state one will feel that every milli inch of his creation is reciting Vahiguroo's Naam.

Animals, Birds, Earth, Sky including 5 elements of body reciting his Vahiguroo's Naam.

Farida Houu Balhari Tin Pankhiya Jungal Jinna Vas ||

Kakarh Chughan Thal Vasan Rab Na Chhudan Pass || (Panna- 1383)

Dhart Patal Akaas Hai Meri Jindaree

Sabh Har Har Naam Dhaavaye Ram ||

5. Naam Da Phaul (Fruit) - One who meditates on Naam becomes his (Naami) roop.

Har Har Jan Duii ek hai Bib Bichaar Kuch Nahi || (Panna- 273)

This is the last stage of prema bhagti marg/shabad Surat marg. Bhagti starts from two- Sikh and Guru, Ishvar and Bhagat and ends with only one.

Gur Chelee Ki Sandh Milaei

Naam/Shadad is of two types-

1.Descriptive: Containing letters and words.

2.Sound Wise: Involving only sound. First kind involves words and letters and can be seen with eyes as a writing. Second type deals with sound and heard with ears such as divine music, sermon that purify audition system of body.

Thoughts about Naam:

1. To recite with tongue 2. Practice through breathing incoming and outgoing activities intellect. 3. Through intellect process becomes automatic beyond Trikurti (confluence of three veins- Ira, Pingla, Sukhmana) 4. One needs to control thoughts in order to hear sound of Naam like self flowing water of spring. 5. Further on all hair on body become kind of tongues uttering Naam. 6. Further down the path Guru’s word is heard from all the elements. All these techniques can be learnt from Naam practicising Holy Persons.

Kabir Sahib

I got the company of the knower of spiritual mystery and I recognized the Real Thing thereby

I reached the destination in a moment the path and the distances of million births.

Jap: worthy of recitation: First and foremost verse. Jap for the sikhs in sacred scripture Sari Guru Granth Sahib Maharaj.

The fruits of Jap:

Upon hearing, tenth guru spoke lovingly.

You know japji as prime mantar. It is composed of 25 letters.

It gives you what you wish. Kind Guru told the meaning of japuji for the benefits of Sikhs.

Do silent meditation of 25 letters and then utter with tongue and mind enjoys. By that all, pains and ailments take leave. It also finishes physical ills of stomach, throat and gas problems. By reciting it one gets salvation, way of life and highest status. He enjoys comfort and does not meet despoiled? Life (Avgat) and if it is uttered on food prosperity increases and food does not go waste. Food is digested comfortably and does not produce burning. Being timeless, if abolishes pains. In financial gains as well as in the realm of religion. It sows the seed of detachment. For marrying a woman or procreating son, for travels to countries of abroad for going into battlefield and for weapon striking they win the game. For entering house, for going out and other big tasks one should bow his forehead before the siri guru granth and should begin simran with firm faith and donate one tenth of income in financial exchange it protects from ghost or other horrible things. A Gursikh should read Japu ji sahib with faith. Tenth king true guru made the scriber write these divine words further on writes began writing them and praised them:


At the time of walking away exchange of charity one conquers mind. Wing battles and comforts of kingship for meeting each other and Raj Jog’s enthusiasm. For delay in a task 55 recital of Jap ji be done. Then he should do 36 and 38, one lac and half 25 lettered and 36 lettered Jap be recited thousand times. He has all his hurdles vanished. By Guru’s glory Japuji Sahib completes a task. It brings meditation knowledge, Jog and active doing good deeds. Dedication in Guru does everything. To be liberated by Guru’s grace and to be working of Guru’s grace knowledge of 5 types. Foremost merit of the Mantar is that it gives four objects.

Dohra- 36 letters the treasure of 5 heavenly deeds. 25 letters stands for element and knowledge. O wish sikh! you do write it by Guru’s grace 8 letters are holded for writing hari and five in the middle of five prans. 25 in all behaviors. It makes you the sharer of 36 lacs merits and if one gives that 36 lac in offering, he gets salvation right way, Since when soul becomes pured, problems are avoid. (Gurpartap Suraj Parkash granth by Bhai Sahib Kavi Santok Singh Nirmala)

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