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From rock to man?

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Sath shri akal ji..

i would like to know, what sikhism say aboout mans origin..

i have found a lot about where life origins from and i read that it came from rocks in the ocean.

but how did it go from the rocks in the ocean to becoming a human being?

does'ent sikhism say anything about this?.

i have myself found these :

True Lord created air that formed into water. From water are created all the three worlds, each being bestowed with a Divine-Spark, soul being.

“He has created

life in the deep dark recesses of the ocean and providessustenance for them. There one life lives by feeding on another

oneâ€(AGGS P. 955).

From rocks and stones, He created the living beings, and He places before them their sustenance.

but from where did this go, into becoming a human being?..

i havent been able to find any verses that says so..

hope u will be able to help me

waheguru Ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

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