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Chi" Energy, How true is this?

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source: got it from waheguroo forum.

The chinese believe in Chi Energy. I saw a program on Shaolin monks on the Discovery channel yesterday. They believe that Chi energy manifests everyone and if one can control the chi energy he won't feel any pain when an opponent attacks him usually with punches. They become the Jedi warriors. My chinese freind told me that they can even break stones with their forehand by transferring chi to their foreheads.

So basically according to them Chi energy is in everyone and one needs some kind of meditation to control it against the enemy who physically attacks you.

Other person responded:

chi is white light taken from the universe, it is also called the light of God.

Chi, prana which is the same thing, is channeled through the hands of people who have learned to do so through techniques, it is used to 'heal' emotional, physical, mental sicknesses.

i used to go for pranic healing sessions because I had depression n it worked miracles, it works and i want to learn too so that i can help people, animals, myself when needed. at first i had doubts but as i went to sessions and gave up my doubt i saw the results. once i had hurt my finger and it was really sore, that day i went to the session and the lady who was healing me healed my finger through using prana energy and the pain just vanished, i was amazed at how in just 10 minutes the pain that i had been expreiencing all night just vanished(she did this by healing my fingers chakra). pranic healing is done by giving, and balancing the energy in the chakras in our bodies. when a chakra has too much energy or it is blocked we experience problems and pranic healing heals the chakras thru giving it fresh energy called 'chi/prana/Gods white light' taken from the universe.

pranic healing is the channelling of white light taken from the universe to heal.

so now i hope u guys have a better understanding of this.

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theres a martial arts program on tv here where they go around Asia and visit real martial arts masters, the things people do with chi are amazing. theres one art where you can drain your opponents energy and they just lose control of their body, another where chi can be transferred to you opponent, causing huge pain...not to mention the nutters whobalance their body weight on the point of a spear cos they cant get hurt in a place where the chi is concentrated.

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