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Soap made from animal fat


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Did you guys know that almost all soap bars are made from animal fat.

Tallow is the main ingredient that comes from animal fat. Should we be using these types of soaps for cleaning our body (being sikh)? We could use natural soaps but they get very expensive. I would like to know what people think about this?

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you could switch over to glycerine based soap, which is natural like Pears.

I'm not telling anyone to stop using soap or what kind of soap to use. Its just that corporations raise and kill animals for the purpose of making soap. If you don't carry guilt then all is fine!

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lol i love it when ppl say they kill animals to make soap..

I dont think there is an actual area in which the animals killed are specifically killed just to use their fat for making soap and the rest of the animal thrown into a black bag.

Much like other products on the market animal or not, the raw product is split into its processed parts which are then sent to those who require them, like for example a sheep (raw product) is first shaved so all the wool can be sold to those who want it, then the animal is killed then skinned, now the skin can be used for things like bags or shoes or whatever, and then the fats and other parts are used to make the soap and other things, then the muscles and bones are cut up those sold to the butchers or meat factories to make whatever they make, the marrow from the bones is sold to other companies who use it to make substances used in sweets or whatever..

So dont worry I dont think they just kill sheep for just soap.. !

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