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Samudra Manthan


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Thanks to freed for this picture...his text & picture below:


This photograph of a gilded panel is taken from "The Sikhs, Images of a Heritage" T.S.Randhawa - Prakash Books-2000 pg 114. It depicts the Samudra Manthan - or Churning of the Great ocean - The title is a little vague just saying a panel from the Golden Temple Amritsar - So it could be from Harmandir Sahib or Baba Atal Tower- I tried to locate it on my last visit but couldn't find it - I hope it still exists !

Anyway the panel depicts when the great ocean was churned to produce the 'immortal nectar' and Lakhsmi (goddess of wealth and fortune)-the consort of Vishnu emerged.

Mention is made of Samudra manthan in The Dasm Granth.

I have been told this is an allegory for the spiritual search - that the human being is perfect and contains all the treasures within - all s/he needs do is make some effort - like milk which contains lassi and butter - churn the milk/mind (with simran) and butter is produced - all 'treasures' are received with Guru's Grace.

Maybe some of the scholars on SA can explain it better.?

Please give your input - has anyone seen the panel ? or can anyone explain the scene - particularly the bow & arrow and chakar

Much is made of 'Hindu' imagery and Idols in the parkarma of the Harmandir Sahib in the pre SGPC era - this is one of the few pieces of evidence I have seen (though I am no Scholar !!) PLEASE do not turn this into a ' Them vs Us' slanging match -

HOWEVER all constructive comment is welcome !

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