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Half-stop clarification


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I do not claim to have any real insight into Nihang traditions -I'm more of an enthusiastic observer - have been an avid 'fan' ever since I was 6 (a long long time ago 1976 !) and my Dad took me to The tower of London and I saw the Akali Dastar - My dad couldn't explain properly what it was but said he would take me to Anandpur and I would find out - we went to Anandpur the next year and I have been fascinated by Nihangs ever since- in fact I'm sure the Nihangs near our pind avoid me when I visit because they know I'll bombard them with questions !

Anyway back to Half stops - in another part of this forum there is an on going 'debate ' about Pajamas - Here is a picture of Nihang winter Bana

- * taken from 'Khalsa Panth' Raghu Rai and Khushwant Singh- Tricolour Books-1984- pg 112 (detail)


At my cousins wedding a couple of weeks ago there was a Nihang in the Baraat (from Bedford) - He was wearing a pair of Blue half stops as well as a natty pair of shades ! - so the tradition continues in England.

Here is the reference to half stops in the Rehat Maryada of the Khalsa Sunder Gutka - published by Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh Ji- Shromani Panth Akali Budha Dal, Panjwan Takht Chalda Vahir- Punjab (Hindustan)

Point 16 :


On a side note here is a point we can ALL learn from - Point 32 !!


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