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Lectures of Sikhi-2nd Part

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Lectures Of Sikhi-2nd Part

Akaal Moorat Ho Ke Raho

The creator, God has made you. Just live gracefully with that. If you want to beautify yourself, fashion yourself with the idea that you are going to please God. There is nothing wrong in fashion, but don't say, "I'll do this so John or Jane will look at me and I'll look pretty or handsome."

If you play this fishing game you are going to have a big net around your life. But if you just want to beautify yourself to please your One God, both of you will be very happy.

Live truthfully. This hanky-panky here and there will show up. Whatever you make happen your way, you will be responsible for and you will pay for it. Whatever you let happen in God's way, He will be responsible for and pay for it. Make your choice.

Commit yourself to God. Commitment will give you character. Character will give you divinity. Divinity will give you dignity. Dignity will give you grace. Grace will give you the power to sacrifice. When you sacrifice, you will feel happy. You can do it.


Akal Thakat Akal Sahai

Understand. "Je sakatar sakatey kumarey." The Akal Takat was attacked by the army which was supposed to protect it. The army whose Akal Takat it was. And today we are very fortunate that we pray to that memory. The impact of the attack will be a long drawn situation.

It is a beginning of that great destruction. You might not understand in the capacity what shall tomorrow have for us. Just understand the burning of Rome, Christians being put on the stake, burnt alive. They were fed as a game to the lions. People were butchered so that Christ shall rule forever. For that bright future Christianity had held in its own seed.

Today we are sitting here before this Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Some of you may have seen the Akal Takat and maybe some who have never been to the Akal Takat but the hurt is there, the pain is there. Your psyche has been raped, the effect is there. Your security of the divinity of the spirit has been violated.

Guru Hargobind gave us the Akal Takat, the undying throne to the mortal. Yes. I am a subject belonging to the throne which never dies. Akal Moorat, Akal Takat, Akal Sahai, the seal of the Akal Takat is Akal Sahai. The undying spirit of the God shall serve. If you read the seal of the Akal Takat, it says Akal Sahai. If you understand the base of the Sikh it is Akal Moorat and it is what God in His creation has asked the man to be.

When a country can be ruled by that insanity, that unconsciousness so unworthy of, the seed of destruction have been sowed forever. It cannot be the worst. Therefore we, who are the subjects of that Akal Takat, do come here and pray on every 6th of every month. And today Hargobind, the Guru, the master of the world and the heavens, is there to bless.

We are paying the price now. "Raj Karega Khalsa akee rahe na koe..." this shall come true.


How does addiction to liquor begins?

A man who does not drink comes under pressure and does know what to do. He goes to the house of a friend for consolation, for a man is a social animal, and by having someone to participate in his grief, he feels relieved.

The friend offers whiskey for a soothing effect and the man is persuaded to take a drink. The alcohol gets into the body and does a chemical action. It soothes the nerves and energizes the energy centres so that the man's attitude relaxes and becomes flexible. It is only temporary relief, but the memory of the first taste sticks in his mind.

He can never ever regain the smoothness of that first taste of liquor but for the lust of that taste and in order to recapture that experience, people become habitual drinkers - alcoholics. They believe that the best way to escape from the pressures of life is to continue drinking and thus drinking becomes a need of the body.

Similarly, whenever you involve yourself in any mode of life, you are going into a channel where you will go on and on and on, and you can never come back to the point from where you originally started. When we forget our original basis of action and become involved, we become a slave. We are 15 % slaves to a routine, to a habit.


Ang Sang Waheguru

There was nothing which Guru Arjan couldn't do. When they put him on the hot plate and put hot sand on him, and Mianmir, the greatest saint who has oneness with God said, "Guru Arjan Partakh Har. You are personified God. What are you doing?"

Guru Arjan said, "Mianmir, you are a warrior, you are a man of God. Close your eyes. Close these earthly eyes and see with the real eyes."

He saw Guru Arjan is putting the fire under, Guru Arjan is putting the hot sand over, Guru Arjan is sitting on the hot plate. And he opened his eyes and he said, "I don't understand... but one other question I have got." He said, "Why you are doing this?"

Guru Arjan replied, "If there will be a tyranny of the rule of mankind I have to give an example for my Sikh children. I am the Guru."

You are Sikh children.

"Jab lag khalsa rahe niaaraa.

Tab lag tej dee-o meh saaraa.

Jab eh gahai bipran kee reet.

Meh naa karo in kee parteet."

I will give divine radiance to the Khalsa

who will live as distinct.

But if they adopt the common ways,

I will not satisfy them.

--Guru Gobind Singh, Sarab Loh Granth.

You are Sikh children. You have to believe. If you don't believe, you start doing it. "Ang Sang Wahe Guru." God is with you. So closing the door, and putting the curtains down and lying and manipulating and playing games and doing things... shame on you! It won't work. You have to believe in Ang Sang Wahe Guru. God is with you. You have thirty trillion parts dancing in you, you have ten trillion cells to be your body, and that's all God. And in 72 hours it all changes.

So please remember in your life that you are Sikh children. Guru is with you. God is everywhere. God knows everything. So those of you who have that foolishness that God is not seeing you, you are blind. You are not seeing God, but God is seeing you everywhere.

God is subtle. God is like fragrance in the flower. Nobody sees it, but that's all it is. Otherwise what is the use of flower? God is like butter in the milk. Just churn it little bit and it'll come out.


Apply Truth and live by the rehit

What Guru Nanak said was very simple. He said know the Truth, find the Truth and apply the Truth. When he talked about Infinite Truth, then he decided to say everything is One. It comes from One, and it represents One. That you cannot accept because you want good. Good and bad are just one. There are two sides of the same coin.

You have a destiny. All the previous lives, "karmas" put together makes the samskaras. The basic problem which we as humans have is that, we have samskaras. That is why we are born in a longitude and a latitude in a certain town with certain parents, with certain wealth, with a certain understanding and certain attitude. It is given to us.

After seven years, our samskaras, because of our conscious experience, change and they become karma. And after eleven years, because of our intelligence watch on our karma, we have to decide if we are dharma or not. If we are not dharma, the life starting from that day onward is pain.

Guru Nanak said, "If you do not get up in the ambrosial hour, and you do meditate on Infinity, your day will be nothing but a mess". At two twilight zones, if you do not concentrate on Infinity, you have no chance to be happy. His knowledge was so simple.

You care for your environments, you care for your responsibilities, you care for your deadlines, you care for your relationship, you care for everything. You don't care for the One who cares for you. That's why Nanak said, "Knowing Truth is useless if it is not your applied Truth."

Let's go to the Tenth Guru's time, where He lays it down very firmly. He said:

Rehit piaaree mujk ko, sikh piaaraa naahe.

The discipline of the Sikh is more dear to me than the Sikh.

(As spoken to Bhai Desa by Guru Gobind Singh)

Rehit qualifies. Apply Truth and live by the rehit.



When you don't need appreciation and you don't depreciate yourself to get appreciation, you are in the Kingdom of God. You are with friends and you are lonely. We waste our life on emotions, feelings, on fantasies, on imaginative beliefs, creating relationship, breaking relationship. You now how much panic energy is wasted?

Then you feel exhausted. You have no vibration in you. You are not jubilant. Your beautiful, bright face becomes a mud pie. If your face is not an index of soul, you have lost your soul, and you have lost the game of life.

Beauty of the soul, the power of the breath, vibration of the life, the sun, the moon, the stars, the winds, the water, the ocean, the rain, the mountains, the earth is for the excellence of mankind. We can only pray, Oh creator, God of Consciousness, Lord of creation, sustenance, to give us the power to realize Thy power is everywhere.

Understand to come here is karma to learn here is dharma. And when you go back, go back as learned. Take these words in your mind and heart, and take them as guidance. Do not waste your time on who you are, what you are, what you want, what can be.



'Ardas.' is a Persian word. It is the 'arz.' Arz means hands. Daas means servants. Ardas means folded hands. Supplication. Sublimation to a higher authority by its servants.

It means we subject ourselves to that namaskar, to that namastang, to that namo, to that namastai. Whatever you want to call it. When you fold your two hands like this, you come to your very neutral self. It takes you beyond you.

In case of need, ardas is very well understood. In case of difficulty when we are in the climax of sure difficulty, it is very well understood. In normal life we have no relationship with it and most of us do it as a formality.

Man's happiness is based on his religious strength, his reality. His strength is not what his strength is. Sometimes you do feel that monetary arrangements and political arrangements and social arrangements and physical arrangements are a source of happiness. No. That's not true. Real happiness is only based when you are you, and you are powerful within you. It is your power within you which is useful. In Ardas, you invoke this power to relate to the creator.



The first gift of higher consciousness is the state of equilibrium where neither praise inflates you nor slander depress you. In this state when somebody comes and tells you, you are great, you say that God is great and when somebody tells you, you are an idiot, you still say God is great.

You have one altar, which is Infinity and on it you lay everything.

That is the first state, the state of equilibrium.

You may like praise, you may even love it, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator; you may dislike slander, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. This is a state of equilibrium.

When a person lives in a state of equilibrium he is super sensitive; therefore, he is grateful. This attitude of gratitude makes a person great. If you ever want to be great, this is the minimum requirement.


Attitude of Gratitude - 1

Attitude of gratitude is God. The creation and the creator exist only in gratitude. When we say God is great, we experience the greatness.

The greatest act is in giving, not in taking. That's why, if you take a lesson and you won't give, you incur a karma. When someone share with you, you expected to share with others. The greatest charity a man can do is to share the knowledge. And the greatest gift you can give is to trust each other.

You know why we become mad at each other? Because we don't trust each other. Love is a separate issue altogether. If we trust each other, we can negotiate, we can talk, we can understand and we can communicate.

I want you to read Siri Guru Granth Sahib and understand it, not that I will get anything out of it. You will become better people because it is the language of those who were better people. It was their personal experience with God.

Every other scripture will say, when you get rid of ego, you will God. Ridiculous. Ego is what makes you find God. It is you ego which you put at stake to find God, otherwise you can't find a thing. When this ego becomes a universal ego, it becomes divine.


Attitude Of Gratitude - 2

The first gift of higher consciousness is the state of equilibrium where neither praises inflates you nor slander depress you. This is the first gift. In this state, when somebody comes and tells you, you are great, you say that God is great and when somebody tells you, you are a idiot, you still say God is great. You have one altar, which is Infinity, and on it you lay everything.

You may like praise, you may even love it, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator; you may dislike slander, but you offer it at the altar of your Creator. This attitude of gratitude makes a person great. If you ever want to be great, this is the minimum requirement.

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