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If Guru Nanak came back today

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If Guru Nanak came back today,

he would ask all what we have to say,

Forgotten our unity and lost our path,

Face it man we're all just naff,

Why must we all diversify,

these worldly bonds we must untie,

even your group or sect or crew,

Is part of maya it isnt all true,

Stop the s hit and come to me,

by gods grace we shall all be free,

If Guru Nanak was here today,

That is what I think he'd say

Then he'd slap the crap out of the liars. !!

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Nice but incorrect

We all know he'd put the Nirmalas next to him and tell all the others to convert to Judaism

calm down its just a joke

:shock: :shock: :shock:

tsingh made a joke!!


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Guru Nanak never left...

i think the post was ment in physical form

i think he'd slap down us Sikhs first who are only Sikhs by name and not by practice

will i and the rest alike ever surrender to our masters teachings

im a weakling at it

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