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day you break the tradition and forget about all the orders

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Lol yaara (unbreakable), I understanding what you saying and nice point. however by ranting on the internet dont that just make you the same of all those you are sick and tired off ?

The sooner they realise you dont need buildings the sooner they get to waheguru, and the sooner you realise you dont need to rant on about not realising the sooner you will reach waheguru.. lol

Your approach is a bhakti one as described in the geeta by krishan maharaj as the bhakti yoga or marga unintrested in the ways of the manifest creation the play of maya, however do not be ignorant as the politicians are your way isnt the only way.

There is also the marg (path) of Jnana (gian - knowledge) and the path of Karma (actions) - both these require an understanding and interaction with the world around us. Hence to reach God moksha may be a higher state but not the only may, you can also use the doors of kaama, dharma, or antha where each of these rely on the world around us the constructs of societies rights and wrongs as a starting point.

Waheguru is beyond contemplation bhao, so to say you know how to get to waheguru sooner is an intresting statement. :)

I aint blasting ya, just being awkward.. lol after all this is a discussion forum if we dont discuss then neo wont get his hits and without his hits apna neo becomes very upset.

Can you live with that on your concious? By engaging in these worthless discussions of rights, wrongs and so forth we are infact doing our dharmic duty to ensure the well being of Neo Sahib by performing these karmic actions (aka posting crap online and aruging over buildings)

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oiii leave me outta this please..lol


soon i ll spilt the topic into two .. since recent discussion has nothing to do with orginal topic...mind ya not saying it's bakvas either... very good points both sides :)

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Unbreakable is correct, but also as one wise Scottish man said to me,

"the day you break tradition, is the day it all goes wrong"

But an excellent question would be say for example SGPC all said hands up here you go heres the paper work for all the Gurdwara's and all the funds, we're of too Haiwai :)

Would the current Nihungs,Nirmale,Seva Panthis,Udasis be able to handle it?

Would they end up in the same postion, of fighting etc


How else could it work ?

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