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fateh ppl

i just bought an iriver h340 mp3 player (thats 40 gigs to any1 who doesnt know) cos i wanted something that would hold loads of kirtan and record on the fly as mp3...so i could record live kirtan and paath wothout having to convert wav to mp3.

any1 else got one?

any hints or tips?

its a bad ass bit og kit, cant stop playing with it all day



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I'm glad it handles OGG files. Let your ears show you the difference!

I used to use LAME-encoded MP3 a lot, but it's really rubbish. OK you're going to listen with headphones, but play an MP3 with your Iriver signal through a 100W amp and you will hear just how disgustingly muddy the lows are, and how the metallic the highs are. There's no amount of error-correction that can fix it.

Now I've got a small collection of LPs, I just can't go back to lossy compression formats any more, no matter how compact. Yes, believe it or not LPs have more accurate sound reproduction, and compression was used in the recording process.

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YEAH...im using mine to record live kirtan hanna.....loooooooooong kirtan man....so i needed it for recording. theres isnt anyway i can make the sound qaulity better is there (its ok so far....im a newee so i cant tell difference yet!)

im hoping they'll be some more ppl on forum with the iriver

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iriver won't let you transfer the recorded files over to your PC. They consider that copyright infringment. I was also looking at buying it, but after it realized they won't let u transfer the recorded files to ur pc, i thought it was pretty pointless.

Im pretty sure all fo their products do this, or perhaps the ones that i looked at did not allow it.

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beg to differ it the 340 model works like a hard drive

are u able to explore the hard-drive in windows explorer without an upgrade to the firmware? In other words when u pluginto the usb does the h340 come up as an external drive or you have to use their software to upload/download songs?

What option bitrates will it let u encode .mp3s in?

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I wouldn't call a maximum 320Kbps top notch. In my book it's crappy. Also, a 320Kbps MP3 is a 320Kbps MP3 on ANY cheapo MP3 player, and the sound quality of the player itself wouldn't be any different depending on which player you're using. There is hardly any difference between the preamps in headphone units such as Walkman, CD players or MP3 players. The main thing affecting the sound quality of any MP3 player is the headphones.

If you had invested £300 on Sennheisers and £30 on the MP3 player the sound quality would have left the Iriver for dust.

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