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~Spanish girls join Sikh fold ~

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Spanish girls from Barcelona with Bhai Jaswinder Singh (second from left) after joining the Sikh fold in Amritsar on Monday. Another Spain national Antoniyo (now Satpal Singh) is also in picture. — Photo by Rajeev Sharma

Amritsar, June 13

After pronouncement of ‘hukmnama’ (order of the day) at the Golden Temple, two Spanish girls Mariya Mettler and Mariya Fernananda became Satbir Kaur and Satyog Kaur, respectively, here today.

They had come all the way from Barcelona along with Antoniyo, who was re-christened as Satpal Singh after joining the Sikh fold about four years ago. Mr Satpal Singh said though there were more than 5,000 Indian Sikhs in Spain but only 10 Spanish people have converted to Sikhism so far.

Though he became a Sikh under the influence of Harbhajan Singh Yogi and runs yoga schools in Spain but he got baptised through a Birmingham Sikh jatha a couple of years ago.

When the Spanish girls came in contact with Mr D.S.Chawla, a local Sikh, he took the trio to Giani Jaswinder Singh, a Sikh high priest of the Golden Temple. The high priest performed ‘ardas’ on the occasion. Giani Jaswinder Singh said the local Sikh youths, who were becoming ‘patit’ (apostate), should get an inspiration from them.

When asked as to why he had joined Sikh fold, Mr Satpal Singh said the beauty of the faith fascinated him. He feels that turban was like a robe of royalty that controls his energy .His day starts with recitation of Gurbani.

“I read Gurbani in Roman script but I will learn Gurmukhi script shortly,” he said

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LOL Harry! I forgot about Mr "Oh Yes"... Im sure he would love to give the martial stare to them.

Anyway, I think that is awesome that these girls got into Sikhi. A lot of hispanic people are converting to Islam also. I know when Indians first came to America many of them married Mexican women because they were not allowed to bring Indian women over and were not allowed to marry white women. Does anyone know of any articles or photographs of these early Indian/Mexican couples? Im sure many of these Indians were Sikhs and Punjabis.

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I have an uncle married to a brazilian lady in canada. She can speak Punjabi really well and got into sikhi in quite a big way when they married although she's relaxed a bit now. Their elder son can speak punjabi and portuguese in addition to english and seems to have a good understanding of sikhi too.

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Dear BAZ ,

You might like this site - it's full of info about the pioneer Sikh / Asian / East Indian immigrants to the Pacific Coast - some great Photographs, Articles and stories.

There is also info on the Sikh and some Muslim men that married Mexican women and the resultant 'mixed' families - Fascinating stuff !


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