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Bhaini Sahib - Shashter


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These pictures are of a chakar and 2 arrow heads said to belong to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Sorry for the divided pictures - they wouldn't fit on my scanner.

The description says that these articles were found in the Sarovar of Gurdwara Wadd Tirath, Haripur. At that time the Gurdwara was looked after by Udhasi Sadhus - whilst performing Kar sewa of the sarovar these articles, along with a sword and pothi containing a Vaak of Guru Gobind Singh were found. It is claimed the Udasis brought the relics to Bhaini Sahib , the headquarters of the Namdharis - to their then 'Guru' Hari Singh (which would date this account around 1872 to 1906) - He said as Bhaini Sahib was under British police watch - it wasn't safe to keep such treasures - he gave the pothi and sword back to the udasis but kept the chakar and arrow heads. These shasters are now kept in the Bhaini Sahib Toshekhana.

I believe Sikhawareness has some Namdhari members - could they confirm if these relics are still at Bhaini Sahib ? have they seen them ?

please post any info you have .

The chakar and teers have a coin like amount of gold on them - Dhadi Jathas always sing in their vaars that Guru Sahib's arrows were set with gold - thereby Guru Sahib sent 'payment ' to the family of whoever was killed by the arrows - money for wood for a pyre or for a grave.

You can see many historic weapons that have gold on them though usually this is in the form of Koftgari work or a cartouche - these weapons have been set with what appear to be gold Mohurs / coins - which make them unusual -- Once again I ask the Sangat if they have any info please post it .




The Chakar has a date 1753 which would correspond with AD 1696 - it also has an inscription which is hard to make out, it could be " xxxxx Apaar 1753 Sudarshan Chakar "


The chakar also has a 3 pronged mark - I have a chakar , a modern one bought by my Dad in the early 1990s from Anandpur , it also has that mark - does it have any significance ?? if you have any thoughts please post them.


* Pictures from - Pirtan, Cultural Kosh ,Bhag 1 - C S Chan 1984

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