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Authorized Method of Preparing Amrit


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This picture shows the " Authorized method of preparing Amrit". It is dated VS 1934 (AD 1878)

It was issued from The "Siri Takht Sahib Akal Bunga" and has an official stamp / mohur.

It takes the form of question and answer - and covers issues such as the required qualities of the "Punj"- (they must be rehati and bibeki - not have any 'sath' with 'kurehatis' - they should be regular reciters of Asa ki war, Japji, Jaap, Rehras, Sohila. Chandi path,and 33 swayas before eating - and should not eat before reciting Anand and 'Kard Bhet' and not eat with non amrit takers - and should wear shaster in gatra.) , the method of preparing Amrit - and gives the rehat to be followed and tankahs to be avoided - Such as not to have 'sath' with the 'punj mel' - Miney, dhirmaley, Masand , kurimar and Sirgum. To practice Shaster vidia , keep shaster in 'gatra', Respect the kesh give it 'dhoop' incense, keep a kangha , Kard/kirpan in kesh and Sarb loh kara on right wrist - not to remove the kach completely - one leg at a time when changing - if the turban or kach accidently removed to seek tankah from 'Punj' - should learn Gurmukhi, Have no 'sath' with 'parai aurat' anothers wife or 'sath ' with 'Musli' - and no 'sath' or eat with 'Nari mar' or eaters of 'Kutha' meat. - Should not wear red - should learn Bani by heart and place or 'bhet' kard in food before eating it - should not eat bareheaded or before reciting Japji and Jaap Sahib.Sons and daughters should be named from Siri Guru Granth Sahib - Not to remove any hair from any 'Ang' with razor or scissors.

There is no prescribed day for Amrit or place but it is best to take amrit from the takhts -Akal Takht , Patna Sahib, Kesgarh Sahib and Hazoor Sahib - however main consideration is that 'Punj' should be Rehat Bibeki Singhs - these are the 5th moving takht of Sikhs.If these 4 tankah are commited - Kesh removal, Kutha , Narimar or Musli sath - must come before one of the 4 takhts for 'Baksh' no other place can grant 'baksh' - if just one tankah commited the fine is 25 rupees - if 'baksh' is not sought 'Chaurasi ' awaits.

As the script is joined up 'laridar' it takes a while to read - please forgive and correct any errors I have made. Apologies for the different sizes of picture - Thats the only way I could scan it





* taken from - The Sikhs , Images of a Heritage - T S Randhawa - Prakash Books - 2000

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Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh !

Unfortunately the author makes no reference it - neither does he say where it is located, even the description for it is very vague - " The authorized method of preparing amrit for the Khalsa" - All of which is quite frustrating ! It forms the endpapers of the book.

The biographical notes about the author give his full name as Tejinder Singh Randhawa - he is a senior officer in the Indian Administrative Service and based in New Delhi - The publishers address is ;

Prakash Book Depot

M-86, Connaught Circus,

New Delhi

tel; (011) 3326897

so I guess it may be possible to track him down ?

Sorry, other than that I don't have any other information - If you do manage to find out where it is located - please post the location - I would also like to know where it is ! !

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