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One for all the Bhangra lovers

*taken from The Sikhs - T S Randhawa -2000

Note how the Dholi is in the middle and the dancers form a circle - this is the way bhangra was performed in fairs etc. - with the circle getting bigger as more people joined in - Now bhangra is more of a stage show - which is why it is performed faster and in a row - a straight line facing the audience with Dholi at one side. Note how all the men are wearing 'tambe' / 'Chaadre' / 'lungi' not pajamey.


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13 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:

How comes our lot don't miss an opportunity to prance about like bandhers?

Never used to be like this for my grandparents. I guess a certain generation saw others breakdancing and riverdancing so they tried to come out with their own thing - a case of monkey see monkey do that has since gotten out of hand. 

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17 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:

Matches up to my own experiences as a kid in the 90s before all this nonsense took over. I’ve never seen any apneh wear those skirt things either like in the video above until Bhangra went wild. Fashion has changed a lot in the last thirty years amongst Sikhs for some reason. 

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3 minutes ago, paapiman said:

You mean the "Ghagras" worn by the ladies?


Bhul chuk maaf

No, the wrapped sheet thing the men in the spinning baton video were wearing. Why was he spinning a baton as well? I thought Bhangra dancers had that small drum on the end of a stick they were meant to hold? 

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3 minutes ago, Premi said:

Where you get this from?! Lol

And, we need one like this versus Alcohol and perverted sexual deviants

I made it in Paint by just copy and pasting two images and positioning them. 

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Just now, Premi said:

Can you copyright it? Lol

Let's see this at Gurdwaras and weddings....



If only!!

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1 minute ago, Premi said:

Can you make other versions with the gunman/gunwoman wearing a Dastaar /wearing Bana also ?

Good idea. I'm no expert, but I may invest in some equipment soon to help me do this. 

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