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The Cure Of All Ills Is Naam

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guru fateh to all,

i got this in my mail. i m posting this mail in general section so that all the sangat can read it. i request all the sangat reading this message to write for true stories that happened in their life.


The Cure Of All Ills Is Naam - "Sarab Rog Ka Aukhad Naam"

true incidents:

Blood Pressure

Once I had blood pressure 180/95 and chlestrol over 200 I japped naam and now it's 120/80 and 139.

Another time I had a dental appointment. for root canal problems..My dilema was whether to go to the dentist or listen to a Sant at the

Gurdwara. I decided to go to the Gurdwara. Amazingly, the pain

disappeared for over a year, the tooth still had the problem but

there was no pain. I guess I did not Jap Naam enough for it to

completely get better.

On another occasion I japped naam for a while. When I went for my

eye test, the optician asked `What did you do? Your eye sight has

improved.!' I didn't tell him, but my daughter sitting next to me


I could go on, let us stop here.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dhan Gur Sikhi.

Vaheguru. . .Vaheguru. . . Vaheguruuuuu. . . .

High Fever

"I became ill with quite an intense fever for a couple of weeks. It

was quite horrible. I could only sleep for a few minutes and then

stay awake for hours. This pattern continued throughout the

day and night. My body ached and I couldn't find comfort in lying

down or sitting up.

I don't believe in taking medicine. (This is my personal view and

it has nothing to do with sikhism). But I do take Guru Arjun Dev

Jee's words `Sarab rog ka aukhad naam ` the cure for all ills is

Naam) quite literally. And frankly speaking, I was quite surprised

that naam hadn't cured me yet.

Then I deeply reflected upon my situation and realized that I

haven't been japping naam since my sickness began. I usually jap

naam internally. And I realized I had tried to do the same in my

sickness too, but upon reflection, I realized that my power of

concentration had weakened so much that I hadn't been able to

concentrate on naam even once.

So I decided to jap naam with rasna. I went to Baba jee's room. It

was about 1 am. My temperature was into 3 digits. With difficulty,

I sat down and for the next five minutes said "waheguru waheguru"

out aloud. Realistically, I only concentrated for maybe 20 seconds

or so. After five minutes I could not manage sitting up, so I went

back to bed.

What happened was nothing short of miracle. I dozed off and had a

dream at about 3.45 am. I was sitting in a room with other gursikhs

and japping naam. Suddenly I woke up. My mind was still enjoying

the sangat of the gursikhs and naam. And most amazlingly my

temperature was completely normal. This excited me so much that I

woke up my wife and told her to feel my pulse (my wife is a health

care professional). She too was quite surprised and said, "You are

ok now!"."

Pyareooo, there is much to be learnt from the above

First of all, we all say gurbaneei is TRUTH over and over again.

But how many of us really believe that?

(Daas personally reflected upon this and realized that deeply, I

believe that gurbaNi is for "other" people, not daas. A related

topic is our immortality. Reflect upon this and you will realize

that none of us really believes that we will ever physically die.

We think physical death is for other people, not us).

Anyways, getting back to the topic of gurbaNi. We sikhs will be

ready to kill if a non-sikh says anything remotely bad about

gurbaNi. Yet what gurbaNi tells us, we consistently ignore.

Another thing that we can learn from this little "saakhi" is that

Bhai Gurdas jee too was writing TRUTH when he wrote:

charan sharan gur ek panda jaey chal

satgur kot panda aagey hoe lait hai ||

(take one step towards the Guroo's shelter,

and the SatGuroo will take countless steps to meet you)

This gursikh too had taken a few steps to sit up and jap naam.

Satguru took kot steps to give him sangat of gursikhs in his dream.

The "ek" step that a gursikh takes towards the guru is when at amrit

vela, a gursikh pushes away sleep and fatigue. Then a gursikh does

udham of getting up and taking ishnan when many people are just

getting back from parties. Then the gursikh takes steps towards

Baba jee's room. Then a gursikh takes steps to sit down.

Then a gursikh starts a battle with the mind who constantly wants to

play with past and future. A gursikh by saying "waheguru waheguru

waheguru" wins the mind and "kills" it for few moments before the

mind gathers more power and runs away again. Again the gursikh

brings the mind back by lovingly saying

eh man pyarea

tun sada sach samale ||

(O my beloved mind,

always remember the Truth)

The mind comes into the fold of gurbaNi and again the mind

repeats "waheguru waheguru waheguru". After a few moments the mind,

like a child who doesn't know any better, runs away with the mind's

pseudo friends. Again a gursikh chids the mind by saying

mere man pardesi ve pyare

aao ghare ||

(O my mind wandering afar with friends,

come home)

This battle continues until dawn.

A gursikh once complained to a naami gursikh, "I jap naam but I have

no ras (sweetness)..."

The naami gursikh responded, "RAS? There is a battle going on and

you want RAS?!!!!"

ras will come when the battle is won. Then

man jeete jag jit ||

(by conquoring the mind, the world is conquored)

The whole world will bow to the gursikh. This has happened.

Look at Baba Attar Singh jee. Look at Baba Nand Singh jee. These

gursikhs conquered their mind and the are the True kings of this


Not the kings who today rule and tommorrow sit in jail. No, these

gursikhs could say anything and others who kill themselves to obey


We too can conquer the world, yes you and I can do it. The first

step is to obey gurbaNi.

The steps a gursikh has to take are:

- wake up at amrit vela (before 6 am).

- have a bath

- jap naam. (vaahi-guroo vaahi-guroo meditation)

- do nitnem. (daily prayers)

- continue naam during the day whenever possible.

With these few steps, the guru takes a million steps from Sach

Khand - where only Truth shines - and comes to a sikh's rather dark

heart and sits there and gives sangat to the gursikh when the

gursikhs japs naam.

Don't for a minute think that we on our own can jap naam for even a

millisecond. Our hearts and mind are so filthy with unTruth that it

is impossible, yes, impossible for us to even imagine

saying "waheguru" even once. It is all due to the guru.


The guru loves, loves, loves gursikhs. The guru knows love. If we

were to, even for a millisecond, feel an iota of guru's love, I

assure you, my pyari sakhioooo, we would start screaming and wailing

because it is so overwhelming that we cannot imagine holding the

guru's love within us.

This phenomenon does happen. This happens during keertans and

simran smagams. Then a gursikh is temporarily taken to new heights

because of the presence of naami gursikhs. At those heights, it is

possible to see the guru's love flowing. And gursikhs who are not

prepared with naam to accomodate this love start crying and

wailing. Daas has witnessed this personally.

I tell you, my pyare guru ke pyare, pyare gursikhooo, we are loved

so much that the combined love of our mother, father, family and

friend is but a small spec compared to the guru's love for us.

Let us all take this moment to reflect upon the above gursikh's

faith in gurbaNi.

gurbaNi tells us that we should wake up at amrit vela and jap naam.

naam is "waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru".

gurbaNi tells us

japo tan eko naama

avar niraphal kaama ||

daas humbly urges gursikh who don't jap naam to start tonight. Yes,tonight. Tommorrow might come or might not come. Let us all take a

vow not to waste even a single free breath. Let us all jap

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru ....

From a Naami Gursikh!

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