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GGS in our Homes


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By what great fortune do we get to have Guru Granth Sahib in our homes? What are your thoughts? How are we to keep the guru at home home. Space is so limited with so many people. We have a small room with the takhat posh and a smal version of a sukhassan palang. How are we supposed to clean the beer, like from dust etc and what about rumalas? I know some people use a cloth and wipe the pages. Is that the norm, or is there another way? It seems the ink gets blured or starts to fade. Any thoughts maybe even from the lives of the gurus or sants? When we do something for guru jee. like make a palki, bed etc etc how do we know it is accepted how do we know we are not upsetting or hurting satgurus saroop?

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No-One can tell you more than baba nand singh ji maharaj...Who used to dig a hole in the ground and sit. He never used to show back on guru granth sahib ji maharaj. Baba ji did sooo much seeva of guru granth sahib ji it was just pricless. He made guru nanak dev ji to paragat(from the guru granth sahib ji) that much love :D he had. He serve all his life teaching people how to respect guru granth sahib ji ..still people now days put guru granth sahib ji in shelfes and close it...

pure mooraarkhs :evil:

here is his site..quite enlightening


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