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“You hear a lot of strange things about tithing ( dasvandh in Sikhism ). Some say it is a church ( religious ) tax, and they expect me to pay it and that is the end of it. Others say that when I give God one-tenth of my income, He blesses the nine-tenths that is left to the extent that the nine-tenths now goes as far as the whole thing used to go. This isn’t really true, is it? Suppose a farmer had 100 bushels of corn in the barn and he decides to plant 10 bushel in the ground. What multiplies? Is it the 90 bushels that he has left in the barn? Oh, no. All of us ‘farmers’ know it is the 10 bushels you put in the ground that multiplies. Similarly, it is the 10 percent you give to God that multiplies.â€

— Stanley Tam (1915-), American businessman and philanthropist

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dasvand means 10% of ur income every week or maybe every month . dasvand is given to guru ghar so that our living or money becomes meaningful .

there is another dasvand that some gursikhs give everyday . that is the dasvand of their whole day . i.e. 2.5 hrs to be spent in bhagti . this is another kind of dasvand

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