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Sri Sarbloh Parkash

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Gur Fateh,

I was hoping that the forum may be able to assist with the following:


The main areas of contention we hear aired against the authenticity of this Granth are as follows:

1. The work is marked by “extraordinary effusiveness and discursiveness†of style over against the compactness characteristic of Guru Gobind Singh's compositions collected in the Dasam Granth.

2. Qualitatively, the poetry of Sarabloh Granth does not match that of Guru Gobind Singh's Chandi Charttras and Var Durga Ki dealing with the same topic of wars between the gods and the demons. Profusion of metaphor and superb imagery of the latter compositions are missing here.

3. The author of Sarabloh Granth often uses his name, 'Das Gobind' or the phrase 'Das Gobind fatah satigur ki', which is generally contrary to the style- of Guru Gobind Singh.

4. Sarabloh Granth contains, quite out of context, an account of the Sikh religion, which also includes a reference to the devolution of guruship on Guru Granth and Guru Panth (stanzas 3159-66). This would be out of place in a work of Guru Gobind Singh's own composition.

5. There is also a reference in it to Rup Dip Bhasha Pingal (stanza 2938/ 8), a work on prosody written by one Jaya Krishna in 1719, i.e. eleven years after the death of the Guru.

Much of this criticism was aired by Pandit Tara Sirigh Narotam,a nineteenth century Nirmala scholar and researcher who attributed the Sarabloh Granth to Bhai Sukha Sihgh, a granthi or priest at Takht Harimandar Sahib at Patna Sahib, who himself claimed that he had acquired its manuscript from an Udasi recluse living in a forest near Jagannath (Orissa).

This much I am sure most people are familiar with, however let’s look into this further, point by point.

1. I cannot see why or how “over-enthusiasm†in writing a text depicting battle scenes and much of mythological lore can be thought of a valid criticism here.

2. Again, ‘qualitative’ assessment is far too subjective to be given any real merit, regardless of how great a Scholar the assessor maybe.

3. If “Das Gobind†is considered contrary to the style of Guru Gobind Singh, then presumably we should also query those compositions within the Dasam Granth written by Guru Sahib under his pen names such as Shyam.

4. This would not seem out of context if viewed as an account written after the event or considered a prophecising the future event, rather like the Uggardanti bani will talks of events yet to come (incidently also disregarded as the works of Sukha Singh by Pandit Jee). But this point needs to explored further…any ideas???

5. Well, over to you guys!!!???

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Shaka Nyorai,

Gur Fateh Parvaan Hove!

2 issues, (1) those who you referenced as 'goats' and 'sheep' actually do read books, however only those that support their stance (i.e. Gyani Gurdit Singh etc), so the question expands to cover both educating oneself and also with the appropriate tools -in any event, it seems that the majority of the folk here are quite fine with the Raagmala as Gurbani and with the celestial writings of Guru Sahib in the Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, so a discussion on the Sri Sarabloh Parkash on this forum should be fine for those not qualifying in the referenced goat and sheep category!

(2) According to a mutual young Baba Jee we both know, the Jhatka is not employed during the Ucharan of Sri Sarabloh Bani - but I'll leave you and the Baba to take that up elsewhere -just don't shoot the messenger!

Any thoughts on Pandit Tara Singh's analysis?

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Gur Fateh!

As you indicated under the thread on SACHKHAND and GURMAT, the commitment to Truth needs to prevail at all times and discussion so surely vichaar of any Sikhi related matter is, Deo Volente, an area where we should look to concern ourselves verbum sapienti satis? Ke nahi?

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Lalleshwari, you are an extremist! So just because someone does not agree with you, you dub them as animals, swine and sheep. What are you going to do next... stone to death anyone who doesn't agree with your view of religion like how Shia's do in Iran? Sorry, but Sikhs are not such extremists like your fellow fundi Shia’s where fellow co-religionists are persecuted based on a few ideological differences.

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Can those who wish to discuss the subject at hand please proceed to do so, any personal issues, we kindly request you take over onto PM. If you feel that something has to be reported to the moderators, please do so through the appropriate means.



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Yes veer Ji, please don't let un-beleivers bother you.

You must resist and stick up for your beleifs and share your beleifs, opnions in this forum...it's well appreciated and you know it.

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