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19 years have passed part 2

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fateh to all,

Continued from last posting.---------

June 03, 1984

All communications including phone lines to and from Punjab are cut. Road blocks prevent anyone from entering or leaving Punjab and all journalists are expelled from Punjab. A total curfew is imposed and as many as 10,000 pilgrims are trapped inside the temple complex. Milk vendors from the villages who supply milk to the city of Amritsar are shot dead for violating the curfew orders.

Operation Bluestar: Sikh homeland occupied by Indian Army. Curfew declared and undeclared Martial law promulgated.

The Indian army occupied the whole of the Sikh homeland begining 9pm. Curfew declared and undeclared Martial law promulgated. Jarnail Singh Bhindranwalae gave his final interview to the jounalists. Today was the martyrdom day of Guru Arjan Dev Ji: and the day the Indian Army chose to surround Guru Arjan's temple. All the phone lines, water, and electricity supply to the complex were cut off. Jarnail Singh appealed to his Singhs not to give up their arms. Amrik Singh, General Shahbeg Singh, and Giani Puran Singh were also present at that time. Whole Punjab was sealed from the rest of the world and a total blackout imposed

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