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Santan De Kautak ?, khoj program on SSTV


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got this from other forum:


From last week SSTV's owner Ravinder Singh Pannu is showing as interview with Sukhwinder singh who has written a book called "Santan De Kautak ?". In this book he have basically disrespected almost every Gurmukh including Bhai Randheer Singh ji, Baba Attar Singh ji Mastuana Sahib Wale, Baba Isher Singh ji Rara Sahib Wale, Ranjit Singh ji Dhadrian Wale etc. I was just wondering if anyone has been watching this interview or have read this book by themselve. just looking for ur view points...


has anyone read his books?? I saw him personally talkin about it on t.von sukh sagar.. his claims are baseless..this guy has personal vendetta against all the sants including- damdami taksal mahapursh, akj, nihangs, nirmaley, udasi, seva panthis, kar seva baba's... all of them...when he was asked - does he have any personal vedenetta? he brings the usual token of oh no - i m doing seva for the panth..blah blah...sticking to gurmat sidhant...he is actually seeing soo called gurmat sidhant from his tunnel view....

That's why i feel very important that we must define Gurmat Sidhant from spiritual and temporal (miri- piri) point of view (even though it's going to be very hard from spiritual persecptive) - we must need to define it so we can stop people like him and his types to hijack- sacred word- Gurmat Sidhant to spread their own propaganda against orders, sants of Sikhism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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