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Be Happy Now---- Dhan -2 Sri Guru Arjan Dev JI.

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guru fateh ji,

Be Happy Now

One very respected singh tell this one

be happy now

it make your past happy - it make future happy

this one ask how now? do that?

Let's see if I got this right.

Be unhappy think about past - still unhappy

be happy think about past - happy

unhappy now when future come- you think about this past - is unhappy

be happy now - when future come think about now (the past) remember


something like that...waheguru ji

15.14 Why be scared?

Guru Arjun Dev ji, humbly, lovingly, like a child in his father's

laps sings:

Merey Ram Rai My King Waheguru ji,

Thoo Santa Ka You belong to the Saints

Sant Terey and the Saints belong to You.

Terey sevak ko Your servant has

Bhau kich nhee no fear at all,

Jumm na avai nerey Jumm, the God of Death, does not come near.

So my saintly friends, why be frightened of anything?

Why Worry?

Khalsa Jee, Why worry? Read what Guru Arjan Dev Jee writes :

Bazigar jaise bazi paee........

As the juggler enacts his show-

And exhibits tricks of various forms;

Then removing his disguise he gathers up his exhibition;

So too when creation is gathered up (destroyed),

only the Supreme One remains.

How many forms were made visible and demolished!

Where are they gone? Where did they come from?

Innumerable waves rise from the water;

Many ornaments are made from gold;

Numerous are the forms in which the seed sprouts:

When the fruit ripens, The seed reappears.

In so many vessels of water the very same sky is reflected;

As the vessel is broken, the same Light remains.

While doubt, avarice, delusion last,

Evils of Maya dominate the mind:

When doubt is dispelled,

The self sees only the Supreme.

He is eternal, and knows not destruction.

Nothing is born; nothing ever dies.

The perfect Master has removed the filth of my egoism;

With this, says Nanak,

I have attained the supreme state.

(Raga Suhi, Guru Arjan Dev Jee, p. 736)

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