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Letter from the French king to Maharajah Ranjit Singh


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A letter from Louis-Phillippe, the French King , to Maharajah Ranjit Singh appointing General Allard as 'Agent de France ' to Punjab

(British Museum, Mss.Eur.G 59) dated 27 October 1835 - with a seal in Gold "Charte de 1830"

The handwriting is a little 'flowery' and hard to make out - the larger part reads ;

'au tres grand tres magnifique et tres puissant le Maharadjah Rendjit Sing Bahador, padichah du pendjab conquerant du cachmire du moultan de mangara d'attok de pichawer guerrier invincible et magnanime notre tres cher et parfait ami salut'

which, with apologies for my schoolboy 'O' level French ,translates as ;

"the very Great, very splendid and very powerful Maharajah Ranjit Singh Bahador, King of the Panjab, conquerer of Kashmir, Multan, of Mangara, of Attok ,of Peshawar - warlike invincible and our very special and perfect friend , Greetings ! "

I love the spelling - Rendjit Sing Bahador - Padichah du Pendjab !


* taken from Maharaja Ranjit Singh , Lord of the Five Rivers - Jean-Marie Lafont - Oxford - 2002

A portrait of Maharaja Ranjit Singh - Kept in The Louvre , Paris

- Titled - Randjiit Sig Baadour (1780-1839), roi de Lahore - Alfred de Dreux - Louvre 1838


A portrait of King Louis-Phillippe


A portrait of General Allard (left) and General Ventura


* from Lafont 2002

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