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Caste in Sikhi

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Any where I go people are so strict about their caste. Like we are jatt or tarkan. People never say we are sikh but we are this caste.

Then the same people say caste doent matter I just dont understand it. If people keep thinking like this what hope is there for sikhi

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LOL @ JAKHAN'S...what you represent?? Farming, Shoe-Makers, Wood-Makers, Loohar???

lol @ castes. Anywaz Singh101. People are really dont have deep understanding of gurbani. They dont even what that is.

I wouldnt be suprised in another or two year- people will come up tshirts like "Khalsa Jatt" "Tarkhan Khalsa" "Choora Khalsa" "Khalsa Chamar" :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

This what gurbani says about caste sytem..

Let no man be proud because of his caste.

For the man who has God in his heart, he alone is the true Brahmin.

O stupid fool, be not proud of your caste, by this pride many sins arise.

Everyone says there are four castes, but they are all created from the Lords seed (essence).

All men are moulded from the same clay, but the potter has fashioned it into vessels of numerous forms.

By joining the five elements, the form of the body is made, no one can say that the element is less in one and more in another" Ang 1128 SGGS

Also check this thread. Its been discussed before


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